How Rackspace Takes the Cloud Global with vSAN Ready Nodes

Customers around the world count on Rackspace to help them reap the benefits of cloud technologies. In a global alliance with Dell EMC, Rackspace is now taking their customers to the next level in their cloud journey with the new VMware Private Cloud Everywhere as a Service (VMware PCEAAS) on vSAN Ready Nodes and PowerEdge servers.

We recently met with Peter Fitzgibbon, VP and GM of Rackspace’s VMware Practice, to learn about the advantages their customers are experiencing across the globe. Today, organizational leaders in the pharmaceutical, consulting and financial industries look to Rackspace for guidance on cloud solutions in order to manage large data sets and effectively extract valuable information using data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In financial institutions where every millisecond counts, they rely on Rackspace’s VMware PCEAAS to deliver high performance analytics with very low latency. Compute resources are located as close as possible to the customer’s locations across the globe via Rackspace’s many data centers, ensuring that services are easily and rapidly accessible 24/7. Overall, customers can rely on Rackspace to support their cloud journey, and meet stringent requirements for reliability, scalability and faster time to market.

As customers tackle how to manage very large data sets, Rackspace provides private cloud elasticity with a reliable and cost-effective model based on vSAN Ready Nodes and PowerEdge servers. With the VMware PCEAAS solution, customers can deploy a private or hybrid cloud solution in weeks instead of months at a 39% cost savings vs building and operating their own cloud.

The engine that powers VMware PCEAAS is based on Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes with PowerEdge Servers. Ready Nodes are preconfigured and validated building blocks that allow Rackspace and end-users to get to market faster with a robust managed cloud solution reducing deployment time and risks. As Rackspace guides their customer’s journey to the cloud, private cloud solutions can be located at either a customer’s own data center or provided “as a service” utilizing one of the Rackspace’s global data centers. With cloud resources located closer to their physical locations, customers can address data sovereignty requirements that improves performance and increases customer satisfaction. Rapid deployment allows customers to accelerate their time to market and time to value with high-speed data analytics and new cutting-edge service offerings. Customers can also easily expand their capacity as their business grows while controlling costs.

Peter Fitzgibbon sums up Rackspace’s experience: “The investment in vSAN Ready Nodes was certainly worthwhile. It has allowed us to launch our products faster, on a global scale, and to meet our customer’s needs for reliable managed cloud services faster.”

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About the Author: Nettie Olsen

Nettie Olsen is a Dell EMC customer advocate with over 20 years in the technology and telecom industry. She is passionate about new technology, sharing customers’ IT transformation stories, and understanding their expectations and goals. She is currently building the global Customer Success program as part of the Server Product Marketing team, and loves the passion around customer advocacy found at Dell EMC from all areas of the organization. She has an MBA from Thunderbird School of International Management and lives in the Dallas/Ft Worth area with her husband and dog. In her spare time, she attempts to learn the art of dressage.