How Granular Can You Get With InsightIQ?

Data is inherently important to business. But to make the best use of the data, you need to understand it: what is frequently accessed and what isn’t? Which applications demand higher throughput? Where are the bottlenecks in the system—not just the storage system, but also individual applications, clients, and the network? If you can get a grasp on how data flows through your entire workflow, you’ll be able to maximize use of your entire computing infrastructure.

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Isilon’s new InsightIQ™ app makes it simple to analyze data storage, find trends and take action (click image to enlarge). InsightIQ takes a myriad of potentially overwhelming data—per-client throughput and I/O numbers, load balancing metrics across storage nodes, and network latencies (to name a few) and through a simple, compelling visual web application—turns it into useful information.

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One of the most common requests that I get asked for is the ability to see exactly which clients and servers are hot at any moment’s notice—or even more interesting, which files and directories are. Of course, both of these capabilities are provided with InsightIQ (click image to enlarge).

Not only do you need the ability to see performance metrics in real-time, but you also need to understand the progression and composition of data within the workflow (click image to enlarge).

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How much of your data is stale? What kind of data is more prevalent and at what rates is it growing?

InsightIQ gives you simple tools to easily understand your data flow – which enables you to take the next step, maximizing your environment. Leveraging SmartPools™, data can move automatically between price/performance tiers—or you can optimize different types of data for access pattern (sequential, random, or concurrent) without any data movement at all.

By tracking storage movement and system trends you’ll be able to better manage existing data, and be prepared for continued data growth.

For more info, check out the Flash demo on the InsightIQ product page.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch