How Dell OEM enables the electorate

Have you ever thought about what it takes to set up a general election? Consider for a moment setting up an election in a country without a democratic voting system in place or what it takes to vote for a new political leader. No voting can take place until voters are registered, verified and then issued with a voting ID.

When a country moves to establish itself as a democracy, a democratic government has to be elected to govern. When this occurs the likelihood of an infrastructure being in place to handle the set up and election is generally not there.

Why? The new government doesn’t have a current voter database, or up-to-date clean registrar of whom is eligible to vote. Voter registration is the first step in ensuring elections are going to run efficiently. Voter information has to be cross checked, compiled, processed, secured and voter ID cards issued. The next critical stage is the setup of the election infrastructure and IT systems to actually run the election. The entire process requires a lot of planning, preparation and cooperation with the election committee to set up and deploy a successful voting process.

Dell OEM works with one such company; a global market leader that actually specialises in election electronic voter registration and providing the voting infrastructure set up to run a successful election.

This takes considerable experience and knowledge to deliver an end-to-end secure, stable and reliable solution with world-class support. Their mobile technology solution uses Dell standard hardware loaded with secure, digital-identification software that uses biometric matching.

Dell OEM works together with this solution developer to provide a quality technology package including: security options such as Computrace track and trace software; anti theft labeling; remote management through to SaaS; encrypted hard drives and software; factory services for loading software and providing component consolidation ready for shipping and deploying to location. And, all of this is supported by a global supply-chain and services infrastructure. 

Sound like a happy ending?

Well, the relationship does not end there. Dell OEM’s consultative customer relationship continues to facilitate technology innovation and thought leadership that will help develop future electronic registration systems. The ongoing result is greater efficiencies for successful elections deployments. I am very excited by what this company does, and I am even more privileged to be able and be a part of helping build and shape the future of this company’s electronic registration voting solutions.

About the Author: Anthony Sayers