#TransformHIT: Making Healthcare Digital Transformation a Reality

Next week, the Dell EMC Healthcare and Life Sciences team will join over 45,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians and executives from around the globe at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, the largest health IT event in the industry.

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Not only will we gain up to date insight into the accelerated pace of change taking place in healthcare fueled by exponentially growing data and applications, but we will also discuss how the use of information and transformative technologies are helping healthcare organizations further improve the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of patient care outcomes.

The world is quickly becoming a place where everything is connected, creating greater disparate sources of data and insight. Making the digital transformation real is the focus across numerous industries – and healthcare is no exception.

We are all living in the digital era where clinicians need faster access to all available patient information, actionable insights to prescribe the best treatment plans to improve patient care outcomes at lower cost and protection of all of this sensitive information against cyber threats. From healthcare integrated delivery networks (IDNs) to rural health centers, Dell EMC provides transformative technology solutions, products, services, and financial offerings that make the future of healthcare real today – from the point of care to the data center to the cloud.

This year at HIMSS, Dell EMC executives will be available to host customer, partner, and analyst discussions, providing perspective on how we provide essential infrastructure solutions aligned with our partner ecosystem that address healthcare’s toughest challenges including clinical application optimization, multi-cloud environments, healthcare cloud, clinical genomics, high performance computing (HPC), IoT, innovative devices, and data protection.

Along with these strategic discussions we are also featuring customer speakers in our Dell EMC booth # 3613 who will highlight how Dell EMC solutions have been deployed as part of their digital transformation journey in our four focus areas of heath IT transformation, precision medicine transformation, connected health transformation, and security transformation.

In addition, there will be experiential demos highlighting our four focus areas of health IT transformation, precision medicine transformation, connected health transformation, and security transformation, focus groups, social media activities and customer events. If you’re in Las Vegas, we hope you will stop by Dell EMC booth #3613. If not, check out our sessions and get social at @DellEMCHealth #TransformHIT #HIMSS18! Making healthcare transformation real!

Wednesday, March 7 | 12:30 pm

What’s Your Cyber-Attack Recovery (CR) Plan?

Cyber-Security is often discussed in terms of prevention and perimeter defenses, but what about Recovery of mission-critical Healthcare Applications when a successful Cyber-Attack Event occurs? In a Healthcare environment resiliency and a layered data protection approach is essential to preserving continuity of critical patient services. In this session, learn how Dell EMC Isolated Recovery Solution and Services can help you perform successful recoveries from a Cyber-Attack event.

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Tuesday, March 6 | 2:00 pm

Data Hygiene in Healthcare: The First Step to Getting Value Out of Your Data

Digital transformation in healthcare. With digitization, comes automation. With automation comes more applications. With more applications, comes more data. ‘Dirty data’ might cost you more than you realize…especially when it’s stored in legacy applications that are not managed well. Join the discussion taking place in the Dell EMC booth #3613 to share your insights.

Wednesday, March 7 | 11:00 am

Data Innovation: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – it’s happening…

It’s no secret, the healthcare industry has an (over) abundance of data. There are lots of mergers/acquisitions and consolidations taking place in the industry which only complicates matters and intensifies the playing field. There is likely a ton of analysis that’s not currently being done that could potentially provide better insights and results for healthcare organizations—their doctors, researchers and patients. Now that we have the data, how do we make it useful? How can we deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies into driving better results in a healthcare environment? How do you take the data and make it actionable? We invite you to join us in the Dell EMC booth #3613 to discuss this hot topic.

About the Author: Dave DeAngelis

David DeAngelis provides senior leadership for the global healthcare market as the Healthcare General Manager for Dell Technologies. Dave is chartered to lead the Dell Technologies Healthcare strategy and develop repeatable solutions for Health IT, Precision Medicine, Connected Health, and Security Transformation to impact healthcare operational efficiencies, patient engagement, and clinical outcomes. Prior to joining Dell Technologies, Dave was the Americas Healthcare General Manager for the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Group and Healthcare-Life Sciences Chief Technology Offer for its storage division. In addition, during his management career of over 32 years, Dave has held senior roles in Healthcare at EMC and Perot Systems. He began his career in Healthcare as the CIO for Amsterdam Memorial Healthcare System. Dave has also worked as a software developer for GE Aerospace and was part of the development and launch team for the NASA/NOAH weather satellites.