Here Comes the EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) “Virtual Edition”

Are you currently utilizing ESRS? If not, you’re missing out on a proactive and predictive customer service capability that is probably already included in your EMC warranty or maintenance agreement. ESRS establishes a two-way remote connection between EMC Customer Service and your EMC products that is secure, high-speed, and operates 24/7. It enables remote monitoring, diagnosis, and repair – assuring availability and optimization of your EMC products.

A little history lesson…

Remote diagnosis and repair has been a cornerstone of the EMC Customer Service value proposition since EMC began using modems for Symmetrix remote support in the 1990s.


With the introduction of ESRS v1 in 2006, EMC began utilizing internet connectivity to enhance the remote support process. ESRS v2 launched in 2010, and brought an enhanced set of security features to the solution – including sophisticated encryption, RSA digital certificates, and the ability for customers to allow or deny remote support activity.

2014 and beyond…

I’m excited to announce the September release of ESRS version 3 – the ESRS “Virtual Edition.” This virtual appliance includes all of the great features and benefits of previous ESRS releases, but the new solution is much more flexible and built to scale with EMC’s growth and the growth of our customers. As you can tell by the high-level architecture below, ESRS v3 simply replaces the ESRS Gateway within the customer EMC environment.

ESRS v3 architecture.png

Some additional benefits you can expect with ESRS v3:

  • Simplified installation and implementation process
  • No more dedicated servers, physical hardware, and OS licensing fees
  • Real-time audit of remote support activities through an intuitive user interface
  • Improved reliability with built-in optional failover to alternate connectivity methods such as email-home and FTPS

This virtualized connectivity solution is also the platform to build incremental features and capabilities that will optimize your EMC environment in the future. Here are some of the features we are working to deliver in 2015 and beyond:

  • Managed File Transfer to enable fast transmission of large files
  • Secure Service Credential, a capability that VMAX systems adopted years ago, to require additional RSA authentication for remote access by EMC
  • Virtual Lifecycle Management to streamline the process of upgrading ESRS code
  • Customer installable ESRS to remove the requirement for EMC personnel or partners to manage the installation process
  • Automated upgrades to enable customers to selectively streamline the software upgrade process for connected products

During September 8-26 we will be running an Ask The Expert event in the ESRS Forum. Please visit and ask our subject matter experts any questions about ESRS or just leave a comment. You should also feel free to post thoughts or questions below. And, for a more detailed overview of ESRS v3, please take a look at this new ESRS Virtual Edition Overview video.

Ben Chused

EMC Customer Service Marketing Manager

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