Helping Dell Technologies Partners Drive Pipeline With the Digital Marketing Tool

We understand the effort that goes into growing your sales pipeline. Add managing business operations and customer experience into the mix, and marketing may feel like a luxury.

However, investing time into marketing can have a significant impact on your bottom line. That’s why we want to make it simpler than ever for you, our Dell Technologies partners, to market the solutions that fit your business objectives with access to the digital marketing tool. The digital marketing tool is another example of how we’re working to make the Dell Technologies Partner Program Simple. Predictable. Profitable.TM

 What is the digital marketing tool?

The Dell Technologies digital marketing tool is free of charge and is available on the Partner Portal, providing you with:

  • A sophisticated marketing automation capability.
  • Access to all the latest Dell Technologies marketing collateral for you to download and use on your own system or through the tool.

The Dell Technologies digital marketing tool can help you drive your pipeline

Other Dell Technologies partners are already leveraging the marketing capabilities of this tool to help drive their business:

“We partner with seven leading vendors, but Dell Technologies’ digital marketing tool is the best marketing resource we use. It’s number-one, no question about it!” shared Rebecca Burgess of partner SNS.

Read the full SNS case study here

Michael Dean from Synapse 360 said, “We’ve used the Dell Technologies digital marketing tool for five campaigns so far … It’s great because you can set it and then forget it.”

In addition to the tool’s ease of use, it can also help increase your profitability. In fact, Synapse generated 218 leads from a single activity.

Read the full Synapse case study here

“We constantly need up-to-date and engaging content for our flyers, e-mail newsletters and campaigns. Without this, we can’t deliver efficient marketing that generates the right leads and grows revenue,” explains Antonia. “Thanks to the Dell Technologies digital marketing tool, we no longer have to spend valuable time and effort searching for content on the Internet. Everything is at our fingertips: rich content and beautiful pictures, with the appropriate copyright—all on a single platform. We just need to customize it and send it out. This saves us a lot of time, simplifies our work and removes the headache of whether we actually have the right to use that content.”

Read the full DenkIT case study here

Access and activate the content you need to help drive pipeline and increase sales

The Dell Technologies digital marketing tool contains a broad array of content across both Dell and Dell EMC lines of business, including Latitude laptops, Precision workstations, PowerEdge servers and Unity storage as well as our Medium Business campaign. No matter your specialty, you’re sure to find Dell Technologies marketing content to suit your needs – and drive your pipeline.

Whether you want to deploy through the tool or through your own system, the digital marking tool makes it easy with ready-to-use content. Execute a full end-to-end campaign with emails, social media, infographics, landing pages and more from the tool, or simply access copy and imagery to include into your own customer newsletter – the choice is yours.

We’ve also built a full ‘Dell Technologies’ vendor section that you can deploy to your own website at the touch of a button. Find this in ‘showcases’ now.

The features include:

  • Customizable, based on the solutions you provide.
  • Automatically updated to ensure you always present the latest content.
  • Available at no additional cost to you.

Check-out the Dell Technologies digital marketing tool today and see how you can benefit, or have a look at an overview of the content available to you on our Fast Access Guide. If you haven’t experienced the digital marketing tool yet, be sure to take a look at our activation guide first.

About the Author: Ralf Pearson

Based in the UK Ralf Pearson is the Global Channel Campaign Lead for Client Solutions. He is responsible for ensuring the strategic alignment of the Dell EMC partner base to the core client messaging so that their marketing activities are more impactful and generate a higher return-on-investment. With 20 years of marketing experience in the ICT world, Ralf is an experienced marketer with a proven success in driving growth through customer focused marketing.