Managed View: a Blog About IT Transformation – From Silos To Services

It’s either a time of excitement or panic for information technology (IT) professionals.

The traditional data center is breaking through corporate walls and heading upwards and onwards to the Cloud, and from desktops to the post-PC world of mobile devices.

This transformation from silos of technology to user-services is turning data centers on their side moving the focus from vertical delivery of specific applications for lines-of-business to horizontal delivery of a catalog of services to be potentially spread across an organization.

Look here for discussions about the business issues, interests, and technologies related to this transformation. Read about getting to IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) and what it means in terms of converged infrastructure management and data center automation; network management and optimization; service assurance; and application availability, performance, and replication; as well as the changing roles, responsibilities, and skill sets in the data center.

Plus, anything else that might be relevant. IT as we know it is changing.

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