Happy Holidays from VCE

Q4 is a magical time of year here at VCE.  Of course it is also crunch time.  Like most companies sales is closing last minute deals, finance trying to close the books, and we as recruiters trying fill a few more positions. With all that going on, it can be difficult to stop and enjoy the holidays.  At VCE we don’t just enjoy the holidays.  We put in extra hours to take every celebration to the next level.

Halloween kicks off the office holiday season.  It’s not just having a slice of cake and mingling around the office water cooler like they do in “Office Space”. Walk into any VCE office during the month of October and its decorated top to bottom with Halloween décor. You go to fill up your water bottle, watch out because a skeleton hand might be causally lying right next to it.

One of the greatest things about VCE is the enthusiasm people have; folks at VCE go all out. During Halloween, employees are encouraged to bring their kids trick or treating around the offices followed by a huge party. Prizes are given out for the scariest and most creative cubes. As a result, many teams collaborate and come up with very elaborate décor. The employees have a great time and the kids have more candy in their pockets. This brings in about 200 children every year.


The number one thing people think about during Christmas is most likely presents. This is top of the list for VCE but probably not in the same way you may be thinking. VCE’s cares deeply about giving back to the community. VCE participated in a Snowman Drive this year and provided gifts to 80 less fortunate children in Worcester, MA. Talk about a huge success!  VCE always encourages its employees to give back so the company actually pays each employee for taking a day off to do community service each year.

Christmas Party

The holidays around here speak to the comradery VCE employees have for one another. This holds true year round and is especially on display during softball season. The Marlborough office participates in a co-ed softball league from April through October. It’s a great way for employees to get out from behind their desks and interact with individuals from all different departments. Known as the Vblockers, this team ranges from employees who have grown up with the sport to newcomers. The main goal is to have fun, although winning isn’t a bad thing either. This year the team earned bragging rights as the B bracket champions!


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About the Author: Alexis Haddad