“Hacker How-To” survey results: cluster capacity and performance

On this blog and on the EMC Isilon community, we asked which OneFS topics you would like to see in a new Hacker How-To series on Twitter. The results are below.

In March, the next Hacker How-To series will focus on cluster capacity and performance.

Over the course of four-weeks, there will be tweets on @EMCIsilon and new blog articles that point you to resources about cluster capacity. Our goal is to link you to currently available videos and white papers, and new content, to help you understand and manage cluster capacity for optimal performance.

Hacker How-To Survey Results 2015

We really appreciate your feedback about topics of interest. We’ll continue to work on creating content for our Isilon Community and ISI Knowledge blog that addresses the following popular topics:

  • Security (permissions, authentication, and role-based access control)
  • Administrative tasks (upgrades, monitoring, maintenance, and cluster health)
  • Multiprotocol support (shares, exports, home directories, and permissions)
  • Compliance (the most specified topic from our “other” responses)

Social media channels

We were also curious to see if there was a preference for social media channels. The results were as expected among our audience, and we’ll continue to use this blog, the Isilon Community, and our Twitter handle as our main social media channels for providing Isilon support content.Q2-survey-results

We appreciate your time and participation in our survey. If you have questions or feedback about this blog, contact us at isi.knowledge@emc.com.


About the Author: Kirsten Gantenbein