Growing Minds Requires Less Storage

As a specialist IT managed services provider. Esteem designs and manages systems to ensure our customers can rely on their IT to run and grow their organisations.  Resolving data growth with cost-effective virtualised storage is a subject that is close to many of our customers’ hearts.

In 2010 we began to partner with Compellent because we believed its intelligent storage was a great match for our virtualisation services and consultancy. During that same year we worked with Sheffield Hallam University to help its solve its storage infrastructure issues.

As a public sector IT organisation that serves 35,000 students and staff while facing drastic budget cuts, Sheffield Hallam University needed to find a storage solution that matched its rapidly growing data needs but that also saved it money.

Every IT manager in the public sector is facing the same problem, shrinking IT budgets whilst business-critical data continues to drastically grow. On top of this is need is to host smaller amounts of equipment as data centres run out of space and power. The need to more with less has become a sudden and harsh reality.

Of course, public sector organisations can’t stop investing in storing and managing data but they can get far smarter. This is where we decided to introduce Dell Compellent’s Fluid Data because we felt its solution could easily resolve the University’s storage problems.

After installing Compellent the university got twice the storage capacity and performance for the same amount of power. In each data centre the university cut hardware requirements by more than 60 percent – from 84U to 30U of data centre rack space. Thanks to the storage virtualisation we’ve implemented, we’ve retired aging legacy systems and expensive single-purpose appliances we no longer need. That means we helped the university reduce its IT operational costs and cut its data centre carbon footprint, while still addressing the problems of data growth, budget limitations, space and energy.

Now that Compellent is part of the Dell Enterprise Solutions group, we’re pleased to be working together through the Dell PartnerDirect channel program to help organizations throughout the UK  save money on storage while being environmentally friendly–just as we did with Sheffield Hallam.

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About the Author: Alastair Kitching