Grow Revenue & Reduce Costs: Dell EMC Support and Deployment Services Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Why the customer experience matters…and why artificial intelligence will help!

As we plan our business development roadmap for the Support and Deployment Services organization, I routinely meet with industry leaders, customers and partners. I find there is really nothing better than sitting face-to-face to hear firsthand about the successes and challenges they face daily—in planning and execution—and discuss how we, as a services organization, can help accelerate their IT and digital transformation.

Which of the following IT initiatives is your IT organization prioritizing over the next 12 months?

Source: Forrester Global Business Technographics® Priorities And Journey Survey, 2017

The importance to “increase innovation” and “shift resources to initiatives that will improve customer experience” is more urgent than ever and will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

Today’s world is no longer driven just by data — it’s driven by the connections between them. 

Big data alone used to be enough, but to make bottom-line decisions, to grow revenue and reduce costs, you need real-time insights into how data is related.

The Customer Experience Affects Revenue

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Happy customers can move the bottom line. Forrester also found that by shifting the Customer Experience (CX) Index by a single point, auto manufacturers will see an incremental $873 million in revenue.

Source: Forrester “Drive Revenue With Great Customer Experience, 2017”

And this is Where AI Comes in

When asked, “what are the biggest strategic/growth benefits AI will contribute to your organization?” The majority of respondents answered, “to improve customer experience and support.”

“What are the biggest strategic/growth benefits AI will contribute to your organization?”

Source: Forrester, Artificial Intelligence: What’s Possible for Enterprises in 2017

At Dell EMC, we realize that in order for us to grow revenue and reduce costs, we must continue to provide an exceptional support experience for our customers while continuing to invest in AI technologies that will enhance our predictive and proactive capabilities.

The future will open up an entirely new realm of customer experience. By transitioning our current SupportAssist and Secure Remote Services from Machine Learning into Deep Learning within our AI ecosystem, we’ll expand their capabilities, allowing us to better understand customer needs, improve the accuracy of recommendations, and deliver much more personalized customer experience.

-Howard Elias, President, Dell EMC Services and IT

Dell EMC Support and Deployment Services are “All In”

Here at Dell EMC Support and Deployment Services our top priority is to deliver industry-leading services to help our customers through their transformation journey. In order to do that, we’ve worked hard to increase innovation and deliver IT projects faster.

Dell Technologies drives customer value through data, connectivity, and artificial intelligence.

About the Author: Alex Barretto

Alex joined Dell in 2010 and currently leads the SDS (Support and Deployment Services) Business Planning and Development and is responsible for leading SDS in pan Dell EMC and pan Dell Technologies programs and initiatives, driving transformational program, acquisition diligence and operational integration, new business models, large scale integration, top line growth and complexity reduction. Prior to Dell, Alex was a management consultant at Bain & Company primarily focused within the technology industry in the areas of corporate strategy, transformation, due diligence and optimization. Prior to Bain Alex held various management positions within Microsoft and KPMG. Alex holds a MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University.