Greenplum teaser starring McNealy & Me :-)

Last week I arrived a day before our launch to record videos with some of our cloud partners.   My first stop was Greenplum to interview co-founder and president, Scott Yara (look for that video here in the near distant future).

Given that turnaround is fair play they asked me to appear in a short promo video that they were putting together for Chorus.  Chorus will be officially announced on April 12 and is intended to marry the power of cloud computing and social collaboration with data warehousing and analytics.

I had no idea the illustrious company I would end up being edited-in alongside including my former uber-boss, Scott McNealy and UC Berkeley Comp Sci Prof Joseph Hellerstein.

Extra-credit reading:

HuffingtonPost: Your Data Rules the World by Scott Yara

Pau for now…

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