Green Goes to Town

There are a lot of cities out there you could associate with “being Green”—Austin, Berkeley and Seattle, to name a few. Being green does not require being well-known, however, and one small town certainly lives up to the term “environmentally-friendly.”

The town of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is simplifying all of its local government IT resources with several products from our Energy Smart line— OptiPlex 320 desktops and PowerEdge 860, 1950 and 2950 servers. All products in the line either meet or exceed Energy Star 4.0 and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold requirements.

North Kingstown sports an environmentally-conscious population of about 26,000 and is one of the oldest towns in the northeastern U.S. Using our Energy Calculator to see how much they could save annually by reducing energy consumption—up to $21,000 per year—the town’s IT managers selected Energy Smart products to help achieve its goals for the next three years, which include:

·         Completing an entire technology refresh with Energy Smart products;

·         Reducing their carbon footprint;

·         Conserving energy with energy efficient lighting and power conditioners;

·         Developing a town-wide technology recycling program.

Already the number one recycler of e-Waste in the state of Rhode Island, the town will also be joining our Plant a Forest for Me program. Like Plant a Tree for Me, the program aims to offset the CO2 emissions associated with North Kingstown’s technology purchase.

I’d like to hear what you have to say. What is your city or municipality doing to go green?

About the Author: Mark Horan