Google Google and You’ll Find Dell

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Google campus in Mountainview, CA to film a video with them. I have to tell you, all the rumors you’ve heard about their campus are true – they really do offer a multitude of meal choices all day and all night. And all free. They really do have on site laundry facilities, an infinity pool, and Google bicycles to take you from one building to the next. I’m not sure anyone who works there is actually ever motivated to leave…hm, maybe they’re onto something there.


But back to the reason I was at their site. I was doing a testimonial video with them regarding our OEM relationship with Google. A few years ago, Google adopted our 9G server as the platform for their Google Search Appliance, and they recently upgraded to our 11G platform. The benefits they are enjoying as the result of their relationship with Dell are many, and include:

  • Production of a new enterprise product that can search three times more documents than the previous product
  • Simplified the processes of designing, branding, configuring, shipping, and supporting the Google Search Appliance
  • Broader reach into new global markets with regulatory help from the Dell OEM group

One of my favorite anecdotes from the visit was when one of the Google product managers raved over how he changed out a hard drive on an actively crawling appliance in just 15 seconds with no interruption to the search. And it was the first time he’d ever tried to change a hard drive. It really underscored some of the things Dell is doing to make our customers IT environments easier and more efficient.

Take a look at their video and case study and let me know what you think. I’d welcome comments on the content, as well as the look and feel of the deliverables we’re producing.

About the Author: MaryKay Hyde