Going Strong at EMC World 2010

Just when I thought my voice and feet wouldn’t hold out any longer, I survived day 2 of the Storage Superbowl.  Day 1 was impressive, but there was a ton in store for Tuesday.  After grabbing my tidy omelet wrap in the breakfast back 40 of the convention center, I headed over to check out Brian Gallagher’s keynote, designed to explain the vision and execution of the Private Cloud in EMC’s eyes. He mentioned roughly 50% of information has been trapped in physical disk, and now those boundaries can be eliminated through an abstraction layer of virtual storage.  FAST and Storage Federation are the two key ingredients of virtual storage,” Gallagher said, “and with Federation, you can move information seamlessly across data centers and cloud infrastructures globally.”  He dove back into VPLEX explaining the four flavors as local, metro, geo and global … all ultimately about data mobility and access.

Dell booth 817 was hopping again, likely because of our cloud-like, blue golf shirts (quite attractive).  In fact, Chris Auger’s PowerEdge server discussion drew over 40 attendees in our small theater area.  Although the 8 physical chairs were taken early, this audience didn’t mind standing at all to hear about the foundation for converged, virtualized and cloud infrastructures.  We love you for hanging in there for your free eco blanket. J 

I found Phil Eagle, a dedicated Dell customer, checking out our PowerEdge table and thought I would see what was on his mind:

I raced over to catch Rich Napolitano’s keynote on “Next Generation Data Centers” who’s three action items were the following:  get efficiencies from today’s technologies, simplify to buy time and integrate your management.  It was interesting to see his demo of Unisphere, and Napolitano claimed FAST could give folks benefits like "15% savings when you tier effectively, FAST cache giving you twice the number of users and data compression reducing overall capacity by 50%.”  I guess we’ll wait see how that comes true in real environments later this summer.

It was my pleasure to meet Dave Graham from Atmos and see all the other event flurry.  Looks like this other guy was just as exhausted as me, but clearly he’s not as stressed.

Join us today for the rest of our sessions as we enjoy hump day at EMC World 2010:

Wednesday, May 12th @ Dell Booth

11:00 am:  Systems Management Solutions and SaaS

1:00 pm:  The Dell Difference:  Why Google Trusts Dell

2:00 pm:  Breakout Session:  Dell’s Efficient Enterprise Accelerates Your Journey To Cloud Computing

2:00 pm:  Security Services & Governance in the Cloud

Oh, and if you’re looking for amazing Italian food in Boston, run over to Artu in the North End.  Let Todd take care of you, and order the Tortellini Donato … to die for!!

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