Getting Off the Ground and Transforming Aviation at 41,000 Feet

While waiting for my flight home from EMC World, my mind began to wander and I started to wonder what others feel about flying these days. When you think about flying, what is the first thing that comes to mind? In my case, my inner-voice sends out a plea, “please…not the middle seat with two linebackers on either side of me”.

My thoughts then shifted to the amount of data that could potentially be collected from aircrafts, passengers, staff, and the many other areas of operating an aircraft. Which eventually lead me to think about (what I consider an interesting story) Eclipse Aerospace and its challenge to provide an efficient infrastructure to protect and support data.


For Eclipse Aerospace, getting off the ground did not come without obstacles. Its journey began with the challenge of addressing an aging infrastructure that had been derelict for some time, out of date back-ups, concerns over stability and uptime, and the impracticality of attempting to revive a tape infrastructure.

In order to secure 60TB of design and engineering data gathered over the past ten years, Eclipse Aerospace considered its options and selected a VCE Vblock to run the environment along with Avamar for protection of its critical business data.

Achieving Strategic Time-To-Market Objectives:

  • Went from 200+ servers and 28 rack positions across 3 computer rooms – down to a Vblock
  • Leveraged disk-based protection and replication, with minimal staff, and enabled fast backup and recovery with the Avamar NDMP accelerator
  • Guaranteed that IT is not a roadblock for manufacturing

The outcome…a simplified infrastructure. IT can now concentrate on innovative technology that can help grow the business. Eclipse Aerospace transformed the storage admin role, resulting in an IT team that is free to apply its skills to solving business problems. This new infrastructure has improved the quality of life for the Eclipse Aerospace IT team. Watch the video to hear the full story!

As I conclude my thoughts about flying, I’m now curious about what it would be like to fly on the Eclipse 550 – a five-passenger jet that consumes only twice as much fuel as an SUV while traveling at 425mph with a range of 1,300nm. Maybe executive travel will soon become a reality for you and I.

About the Author: Lisa Matzdorff