Getting more out of your ECN Support Community Experience – Fast Tip #1

Hey folks! Want to get more out of your ECN Support community experience? Since we tend to navigate to different support forums to check status on questions we may be interested in, here’s a nifty tip to create a custom stream that allows us to pull content changes or updates in a support forum into that customized stream. Once our customized stream is created, we can simply go to our activity streams and click through them, checking on forum content updates without having to navigate to each support forum.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your activity streams. I have set my home link to go there: ( tip1pic1.png
  2. Under activity, select “New Stream”:  tip1pic2.png
  3. Now create your customer stream name:   tip1pic3.png
  4. Next drag and drop things (people, places, content) into your new stream:    tip1pic4.png
  5. Another way to add places to your new stream is to navigate to the space and select follow in your new stream:  tip1pic5.png
  6. Adding content is as easy as selecting the content you want to follow in your new stream, select follow, then check your stream:  tip1pic6.png
  7. Optionally, you can enable email updates for this stream:  tip1pic7.png tip1pic8.png
  8. There are additional conveniences with this feature:

    1. You can delete the stream with one click: tip1pic9.png
    2. You can set this stream as your default home button:  tip1pic10.png
  9. In this new stream you will see:

    1. The ability to create content in that forum that you are now following;
    2. The content from that space coming to your stream;
    3. Recommend content related to your stream;
    4. Recommended people;
    5. Related trending content;
    6. Related trending people on ECN;

In short, this is a really cool, really useful feature that you’ll be hearing more about in the future!



Program Manager, Customer Service Innovation Team

About the Author: Robert Fritz