Get Ready for EMC World Live and Online

I love modern technology.  I don’t know where I would be these days without my phone and specifically the apps on my phone.   Need to know who that actor is on the new TV show you’re watching because you know you’ve seen him somewhere? IMDB is right there on your smart phone to look it up.  Are you lost on the way to the concert venue?  Navigate with Google Maps.  Want to see where your friends are tonight? That’s easy! You’ve got Facebook.  Want to know what’s happening now? Twitter is right there with all the top trending news.  With all of these great tools at our fingertips we never have to miss out on anything.Virtual EMC World Official

The same goes for EMC World.  There are thousands of lucky people who have and will take the pilgrimage to experience EMC World live.  Others have been hoping this year would be the year the boss would finally say yes!  But, even if they don’t, you don’t need to miss out, just because you can’t be in Vegas.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the EMC World planning and execution team for the last four years.  How I experience EMC World –  and how you can too – has changed so much due to modern technology even in my short four years.

Our team has been working really hard for the last few months to bring you the most amazing EMC World experience yet.  And extra effort has gone into making sure that, whether you’re on site or not, you’ll to be able to witness all of the big announcements as they happen and also join in on all the fun. Here’s what you can expect:

What are the big announcements you won’t want to miss?  Well, I can’t tell you what they are but I can give you a hint!  Hear Core Technologies Division President Guy Churchward not talk about what to expect!

In all seriousness here is what you really need to know:

  • Monday May 2 at 9am PT you will want to be following @EMCStorage on Twitter. Why? We will announce how you will finally be able to simplify and modernize your data center, flexibly and affordably.  To learn even more, if you are on site at EMC World, be sure to be at the general session at 10am PT.  If you’re not on site, no worries!  You can watch it live by clicking here!
  • If that big news was not enough, get ready for some data protection announcements that will knock your socks off! Monday May 2 at 9am PT you will want to be following @EMCProtectData to get all the news first. What will you learn? Let’s just say we’ve got good news if you’re grappling with the $50 billion copy data problem.  You’ll also learn how to simplify and reduce costs for long-term retention in the cloud.  An even deeper dive can be seen at 10am PT at the general session or right here live on line.

Beyond the big announcements, our booth (#364) in the solutions pavilion is going to be awesome this year.  Remember this from 2015:

This year you will experience the Modern Data Center in augmented reality. The virtual experiences won’t stop there either.  You will have the opportunity to rub elbows with one of the world’s greatest rock bands and feel the need for speed with a ride on racing legend John McGuinness’s motorcycle.

After you’ve had some virtual fun our experts will be waiting for you to take the GURU assessment.  What is a GURU Assessment?  It’s the opportunity to check the health of your storage and data protection.  It includes a flash assessment, EMC SAN Health, backup assessment, and an expert to walk you through the results.

And don’t worry if you won’t be there to experience this live.  This is why I love Twitter so much!  The booth experience will be brought to you virtually through @EMCStorage and @EMCProtectData on Twitter.

To make sure you are a part of all the action May 2 through May 4:

  • Follow @EMCStorage and @EMCProtectData on Twitter
  • Use and search by #EMCWorld on Twitter
  • Visit us live in booth #364
  • Watch the general sessions live or online

And If you really want to have some fun with us, go on Twitter now and tell us what song really pumps you up by using #MyEMCWorldSong – You never know what might get tweeted out live from the event! Hope to see you at EMC World both live and virtually on Twitter!

About the Author: Jamie Doherty