Get On Board With Our New Line of Latitude Rugged

Field workers’ PCs can take a beating. These users demand durable, reliable solutions that can withstand some of the most adverse conditions. That’s where the all new Latitude Rugged Extreme 5000 and 7000 Series comes in. As a Dell partner, you are uniquely positioned to help solve some of your customers’ toughest application problems with the innovative Rugged portfolio, in turn helping you achieve higher sales and profitability.

To help you expand your revenue potential, we’ve built a set of marketing assets that will put you at the forefront of your customer communications when explaining the benefits of the Rugged family. Add your personal touch for deeper engagement and equip your sales team with the solutions they need to broaden their customer conversation.

The strength of versatility

Law enforcement, military and other field workers may have vastly different ways of working, but they all have one thing in common: they face inhospitable conditions at one point or another in their careers. From frigid temperatures to oppressive heat, corrosive sand to hurricane-force rain, no environment is too harsh for this new class of Rugged. They’re military-standard 810G tested to deliver a robust performance that integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures, with no-hassle manageability and end-to-end security.

These systems really do conquer where the others crumble, thanks to the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core iSeries processors that deliver up to several times more CPU performance than the previous generation, and improved battery life for extended service in the field. We’ve further fortified its nerves of steel with Gorilla® Glass screening, 10-point glove-touch ability and superior direct sunlight readability. And because those using Rugged systems need to make split-second decisions and make quick decisions, we’ve equipped them with USB 3.0 Type C connectivity for fast and efficient one-wire docking and charging while on the go. And it’s all backed by the most comprehensive supply chain and support program on the market.

Stay powered up under pressure

The Dell Portable Power Companion allows your customers to bring extra power with them, so they can be more productive. This handy device can simultaneously power their Rugged devices, as well as up to two smartphones, tablets or other USB-enabled devices. It features a 18,000 mAh 6-cell battery that provides reliable power on the go and is easily charged using a Dell power adapter. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact, so your customers can stay powered on the go without adding bulk to their bag.

Quick docking on the go

The portfolio is designed to dock quickly, easily and securely using in-vehicle docking stations that help maximize computing and communication while on the go or in remote locations. We work closely with our docking and mounting partners Havis and First Mobile Technologies, to provide access to up to three communication interfaces simultaneously: GPS, RF and Broadband. All Rugged docking stations enable users to charge their laptops, access external peripherals and secure the laptops against theft or damage. They are military-standards tested as well as crash tested to automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, and have been cycle tested beyond the expected use.

Maximum support, minimal effort

Help your customers put the final “plate of armor” in place with ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist. It’s our most comprehensive service offered and the only available premium service for PCs and tablets that automates support to prevent issues before they occur and quickly resolve issues when needed. ProSupport Plus combines all the essential support needs of your customers into one support service, reducing downtime for end users, increasing productivity for IT and protecting valuable assets and data..

The ultimate test for man and machine

When the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race – a 40,000 nautical-mile yacht race around the world in some of the harshest conditions imaginable – needed tough technology to help keep their skippers and crews on the right path and connected to the world during the race, we knew we had the right fit: Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme. Combating the most extreme conditions – numbing cold, oppressive heat, brutal waves, corrosive salt, having the Rugged Extreme on board made it easier for the crew to effectively stay connected to the outside world. This is truly a success story that shows what can be accomplished when a strong partnership is established!

Tested to fail, built to last

Because we design and manufacture all sorts of devices for a wide range of your customers worldwide, there are certain advantages we can bring to the table when designing Dell Rugged products. We have a unified team of engineers and testers whose sole job is to take Dell Rugged to the breaking point, then figure out how to improve it. It’s what we call “testing to fail” – going beyond the baseline industry standards to find the true limits of our products, because we know the rugged PCs market is unique and your customers’ experiences don’t fit squarely into a check box. The team shares best practices, lessons learned and other knowledge to enhance the overall strength of our product portfolio.

Because your rugged customers don’t necessarily invest in just the devices but in the accessory ecosystem as well, we want to provide you with a product that has longevity and forwards and backwards compatibility with previous generations. That’s why we make sure we stretch the compatibility of our newest Rugged portfolio as long as possible, so you can deliver on the demands of your customers without having to upgrade their entire setup.

Tools to accelerate your sales
From quick-reference call scripts to email and social content, download all the marcom assets you need on the Digital Marketing Platform.

You can also download the newest Dell Latitude Rugged brochure or tune into the webinar to find out how you can help strengthen your customers’ performance in the field.

About the Author: Ralf Pearson

Based in the UK Ralf Pearson is the Global Channel Campaign Lead for Client Solutions. He is responsible for ensuring the strategic alignment of the Dell EMC partner base to the core client messaging so that their marketing activities are more impactful and generate a higher return-on-investment. With 20 years of marketing experience in the ICT world, Ralf is an experienced marketer with a proven success in driving growth through customer focused marketing.