Get Hands-On with Our Latest Open Solutions at OCP Summit

Dell EMC is a strong proponent of open industry standards because we believe customers win with non-proprietary solutions based on open solutions. As part of this commitment, we have participated in the Open Compute Project (OCP) since its inception. The annual OCP Summit, happening this week (March 20-21) at the San Jose Convention Center, brings together more than 3,000 key decision makers that help grow, drive and support the open hardware ecosystem in the data center and beyond. To help drive the adoption of an open ecosystem, our Extreme Scale Infrastructure group will be showcasing two demos at this week’s OCP Summit that highlight our open solutions. Join us in booth B24 in the exposition area to get hands-on with our experts.

Open Source RedDrum Redfish Demo

Our latest contribution to the open source community, RedDrum, is a python-based implementation of a Redfish service that includes a recipe for backend integration with OpenBMC. RedDrum allows client system management software to use standard Redfish APIs to access the capabilities provided by OpenBMC.

OpenBMC is an open software framework for a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) that connects to sensors in a system to read and control environmental conditions (i.e., temperature) and provide other system management functions (i.e., power control, monitoring and logging of CPU and memory).

We will be demonstrating RedDrum working with both a live OpenBMC-based server as well as a backend simulator that is included in our contribution. The simulator will be a valuable tool for developers who need to work on software even when they have limited access to hardware.

The RedDrum contribution shows our continued leadership and commitment to improve developer and interoperability tools to enable the Redfish ecosystem. Read more about RedDrum in our recent Tech Center blog.

Virtual Reality: Modular Data Centers and the DSS 9000 Rack Scale Infrastructure

We will also be running a great VR demo that we just debuted at Mobile World Congress.

This experience allows attendees to explore a typical modular data center installation in a virtual space, giving them a realistic sense of how an MDC can fit to their particular IT environment.

The demo features a fully equipped DSS 9000 rack scale infrastructure solution, and attendees will be able to pull out and closely examine each of the DSS 9000’s three sled types.

Customers at Mobile World Congress found this demo to be tremendously informative – and fun!

How to Find Dell at OCP Summit

Dell EMC will be in Booth B24 in the exposition area. Come by to learn more about open management with RedDrum and to fully experience the latest in Modular Data Center and Rack Scale technology.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @DellEMCservers for news from the show. Share your experience using the and hashtags.

About the Author: Paul Steeves