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Just over a year ago, I wrote a Support Community blog entitled Get Proactive! New Personalized Access to your EMC Product Info. This blog highlighted My Products, which was a new feature within the EMC Online Support site to access customized information, alerts, and advice. We’ve made a lot of improvements since that initial launch, some of which were highlighted in my November 2013 follow-up blog.

If storage capacity and the high availability of mission critical data and applications are top of mind for you, your job just became much easier. I’m pleased to announce that Proactive Capacity Alerts are now available for EMC Celerra, Centera, Symmetrix (DMX/VMAX), and Isilon products.

Capacity alerts 1.pngIn addition to easily accessing total, available, used, % used, and 6-month trending storage capacity for these products, you can now access an additional layer of customized information by configuring capacity thresholds for a product family. This enables you to better monitor and manage storage capacity, reducing overall risk in your storage environment.

Capacity Alerts 2.png

In order to access and use this new feature…

  1. Take a look at this brief tutorial, EMC Online Support – Capacity Alerts. In less than two minutes, this demo explains how to access and use capacity alerts.
  2. Your products must be configured for 2-way remote connectivity with EMC Customer Service, preferably using EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS). To find out more about ESRS, take a look at this brief ESRS demo that was originally used during EMC World 2014.

Feel free to post any feedback or questions below. Enjoy!

Ben Chused

EMC Customer Service Marketing Manager

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