German semiconductor firm slashes cost of SAP system by up to 50 percent with Dell virtualization

imageEvery business looks closely at the risks before embarking on a major IT project. Micronas, a German company that manufacturers semiconductors, was no different when it planned to update its storage and virtualize a mission-critical SAP environment. Its goals were simple: improve server utilisation, consolidate storage, and simplify management for a more efficient enterprise. Still, there was no room for error, since the company couldn’t allow production to be affected by any changes.

When the time came, Micronas made the switch to virtualization and a consolidated storage environment with complete certainty and no disruption. As Bernhard Schmid, IT Operations Manager at Micronas, says, “The combination of Dell solutions and its expertise in VMware took a lot of risk out of the project.” image 

Everything went according to plan, and Micronas saw a number of benefits such as virtual server provisioning in 30 minutes, server consolidation of around 75 percent, storage consolidation of just over 66 percent, and a reduction in the total cost of ownership by approximately 50 percent.

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady