Future-Proof “Eliminates the Risks Associated with Innovation Adoption” – ESG

In the recent ESG Solutions Showcase report, ESG articulated how IT organizations are facing constant pressure to keep pace and adapt to new infrastructure demands. The volume of data being stored, number and type of applications, investments in analytics, and users’ performance expectations are all evolving and growing at a rapid pace. IT vendors have addressed these developments with modern technologies, however, the risk associated with investing in these modern technologies can be overwhelming.

In the report, ESG states that the Future-Proof program is changing the industry & de-risking technology adoption risks. Future-Proof is a subscription-free loyalty program that offers 9 critical benefits (or pillars) to provide investment protection, peace of mind, and a path to future technologies. ESG explains that adopting a new IT technology can be daunting and can block or create barriers to accessing the excellent features that these infrastructures provide. However, Future-Proof is DESIGNED to eliminate this technology adoption risk and allow IT organizations to harness the benefits of their infrastructure’s features. This “designed de-risk function” is built into the 9 critical benefits. “Among the nine tenets, Dell EMC assures customers that the product will deliver the capability and capacity expected, and ease the procurement process, while ensuring that the data will never be stranded on a defunct architecture.”

In addition to the above, ESG also identified two other attributes that differentiate the Future-Proof program. Specifically:

  1. Storage, Data Protection & Hyper Converged Product Coverage: The Future-Proof Loyalty Program covers PowerMax, VMAX, XtremIO, SC Series, Dell EMC Unity, VxRail, Isilon, ECS, Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance products. This means, that as your IT infrastructure evolves, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with your current products.
  2. “Hybrid Cloud in a Box”: With the most recent August 27th Future-Proof Loyalty Program announcement, two new cloud based pillars were added: Cloud Enabled and Cloud Consumption. With these two new pillars, Dell EMC has created a differentiated hybrid cloud offering for all products in the Future-Proof program.

The Future-Proof program sets Dell EMC apart from all other vendors. Some vendors provide one or more aspects of the program, but no one can compete with the comprehensive safeguarding that Dell EMC provides. To read the full report and learn more about how the Future-Proof Loyalty Program is disrupting the industry, please visit the Future-Proof Solutions Showcase Link.

For more information on the Future-Proof Loyalty Program, please visit DellEMC.com/Future-Proof or consult an expert at Dell EMC or your favorite Dell EMC channel partner to see exactly how these benefits apply to you.

About the Author: Sam Grocott

Sam Grocott is the Senior Vice President of Dell Technologies Business Unit (DTBU) Marketing, which focuses on all infrastructure and client solutions as well as the associated services portfolio. DTBU Marketing also includes key GTM activities across global business-to-business (B2B) campaigns, portfolio messaging and competitive intelligence. Sam began his career with Isilon Systems in 2001 leading Product Management and was responsible for helping bring to market Isilon’s first products in 2003. After Isilon was acquired by EMC in 2010, Sam continued to lead the marketing and product management team that delivered the industry leading scale-out NAS offering. When EMC was acquired by Dell in in 2016, Sam’s role expanded to include the entire Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions portfolio for Marketing. This set into motion what ultimately resulted in the creation of DTBU Marketing, representing the entire Dell Technologies portfolio.