From Zero to a Billion in 588 Days – XtremIO Enters the Enterprise Computing Record Books

EMC Corporation has made history once again. In just over six quarters—actually 588 days—the XtremIO product line achieved $1B in aggregate bookings. This is certainly a record for EMC, and very likely, XtremIO could be the fastest-growing enterprise IT product ever. (We will complete the research to prove this out once we catch our breath. Things have been quite busy lately!)

This monumental achievement can only happen when the right product and the right sales and marketing machine come together at the right time. It’s the story of perfect alignment. EMC saw the future in flash storage, and placed its big bet on all-flash arrays when it acquired XtremIO in 2012.

EMC is well known for its awesome sales and marketing machine. And in fact, many analysts and industry pundits credit “the machine” for XtremIO’s success. But just as essential is XtremIO’s unique architecture, which fundamentally changes what all-flash arrays (AFAs) can do and that no other AFA vendor can claim:

  • Scale-out Performance. Some flash storage vendors claim scale-out capabilities, but XtremIO goes to 16 controllers with linear performance scalability as you go. This provides best-in-class performance.
  • In-line, all-the-time data services. In order to deliver consistent and predictable performance every millisecond of the day, data services need to be in-line, all the time.
  • Copy data management services. Without XtremIO, organizations must use brute force data copy techniques or purchase a separate purpose-built CDM solution that requires storing massive amounts of replicated data—not for protection, but to support business processes. New data center efficiencies can be attained when you no longer need 90TB of storage to support a 10TB database (for example, for all the development and test copies). How about just 7TB of capacity and no waiting for copies to be created or refreshed? Again, only XtremIO.
  • Application integration and automation. XtremIO AFAs are integrated at the system level with EMC’s world-class portfolio of hardware and software. This enables you to transition from a single siloed, system-management approach to deeply integrated and automated processes that not only save precious time and money, but help you provision and manage your data center operations more holistically.

In addition to these unique architectural capabilities, XtremIO simply meets the right market need. Most customers are tired of the storage sprawl and cumbersome, complex, and time-consuming operations to make copies of their data for dev/test, on-demand analytics and data protection. While other AFAs addressed just the performance needs of the storage workloads of the last decade, XtremIO is enabling mixed-workload consolidation and fundamentally new agile application workflows for the next decade.

Q2 Was Our Biggest Quarter Ever

XtremIO’s Q2’15 bookings were about $300 million, which is once again our biggest quarter ever. And meanwhile, we racked up some very impressive stats:

  • Happy repeat customers: About 40% of our Q2 customers were repeat buyers, with 40+ ordering more than $1M each.
  • Big consolidation deployments: Half of our Q2 sales were from customers who already have or ordered over $1M of XtremIO.
  • Competitive account conversions: More than 20% of our customers were new not just to XtremIO, but also to EMC.
  • Ubiquity: XtremIO now has over 1,750 customers, including 60% of the Fortune 100 and 47% of the Fortune 200.

EMC XtremIO is #1 with 34% Market Share

You’ve probably heard about all-flash arrays and their superior performance over spinning disk and about how fast the flash market is growing. But what you probably haven’t heard much about is the superior performance of XtremIO’s all flash arrays over all others in the market. Last Friday, Gartner reported revised market share numbers, placing XtremIO at #1 with 34% of the market, more than #2 IBM and #3 Pure Storage combined.

We’re gaining market share because XtremIO is more than just a fast array. It’s enabling new use cases for application teams like integrated copy data management for database development, rapid devops for software organizations and on-demand reporting and analytics for line-of-business owners. We’re gaining share because we’re enabling the IT application and storage opportunities for the next decade, not the last one.

All in, Q2 was an incredible quarter that exceeded our expectations, and enabled us to hit the fabled $1B bookings milestone that very few technology companies ever reach—let alone in six quarters of being on the market. While we’re proud of all our recent accomplishments, we are laser-focused on customer success and seizing the market opportunity in front of us. And speaking of customer success, you can count on a few more blog posts in Q3 and Q4 that provide lots more detail about how organizations of all sizes are using XtremIO to achieve data center agility in ways never thought possible before.

Stay tuned.

1, Gartner, Market Share Analysis: SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide, 2014, May 2015, revised August 2015

About the Author: Dell Technologies