From Dusty to Digital!

The International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHF) was displaying less than 10 percent of its vast collections of over 25,000 tennis artifacts. In the digital era, space constraints are a thing of the past and ITHF knew it needed to transform its IT infrastructure to tennis fans across the globe.

The museum chose to work with Dell EMC to digitally transform its collection that includes more than 1,100 racquets representative of the evolution of the sport and of great moments in tennis history. There are more than 250 scrapbooks that chronicle the lives and careers of tennis’ greatest champions just waiting to be displayed. Imagine 3,500+ video and audio recordings, over 600 pieces of tennis inspired decorative art, and more than 2,500 books all in one place!

Ultimately, the team will create an application on the ITHF website making the entire collection accessible online in an organized manner. Sharing the inspiring stories of the Hall of Famers and the impact of the sport will open a limitless environment where tennis fans’ curiosities are instantly entertained.

We help organizations build their digital future. Expanding the reach of ITHF and making this information readily accessible through a digital archive allows the museum to encourage online learning, build new programs and provide greater access to content and engage with fans worldwide, not just those who visit Newport.

These assets will afford the ITHF many new opportunities to promote tennis history through exhibitions, video production, educational programming and mobile applications.

When the multiyear project nears completions, we expect to see the International Tennis Hall of Fame’s online museum as the first stop for all things tennis, where fans can learn from and be motivated by tennis’s great history.