FREE iDRAC Enterprise Extended Trial License from Dell EMC

Editor’s Note, October 5 2020: The iDRAC extended trial license (240 days) will no longer be available for download as the offer has expired. The standard 30 day trial license will remain available.

Considering the changing nature of the workplace, reliance on cloud-based services has increased dramatically. They have become fixtures in our daily lives. But it’s easy to forget that behind these resilient services is an unseen array of IT infrastructure located in data centers across the globe.

This infrastructure is never completely autonomous, requiring skilled IT professionals to perform critical maintenance duties. These professionals have become unsung heroes, ensuring the reliability of these important services. Most governments see this infrastructure as mission critical and allow IT professionals to continue their work in the data center when needed, but many still have safety concerns and desire to limit travel. Also, many businesses employ multiple, regionally located infrastructures varying in size from a large data center to a small server closets. This puts even more demand on IT staff.

Because Dell EMC believes that none of our customers should be without the advanced remote management and automation capabilities during this difficult time, we have decided to offer a free iDRAC Enterprise 240-day  Trial License*.

All Dell EMC PowerEdge servers come equipped with an integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) designed to provide remote access. When equipped with the iDRAC Enterprise license, the remote management and automation capabilities are vastly expanded. The license provides access to secure remote control, automation capabilities, rich troubleshooting, and enhanced monitoring. This allows IT professionals to manage the full server lifecycle, including monitoring, deployment, configuration, update, and remediation, “as if they were there” and most importantly, from the safety of their own home. Check out the features offered by iDRAC Enterprise.

iDRAC Enterprise features:

  • Virtual Console & Media with Remote File Share
  • LDAP and Active Directory Integration
  • Group Manager1
  • Power Capping
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Scheduled Firmware Updates
  • Configuration Backup
  • Syslog Support
  • Crash screen, video and BIOS capture

iDRAC has become an essential part of many of our customers’ management toolkits. Frost Science in Miami, Florida, relies on iDRAC  to manage everything from basic infrastructure to workloads including ticketing, building operations and security using one system,while the small IT team works remotely.

Infrastructure management is mission critical as Taboola, delivers 30-40 billion online content recommendations a day. iDRAC provides powerful capabilities to remotely deploy, update, and monitor servers across nine global data centers.

Please check out the iDRAC Enterprise Extended Trial License page to learn more and take advantage of this generous Dell EMC offer.

For more information about the iDRAC, I encourage you check out Storage Review’s independent review of iDRAC9.

1 Group Manager feature is not available on iDRAC8

*For a limited time, Dell EMC is making the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 & 9 (iDRAC8, iDRAC9, iDRAC9 X5) Enterprise license FREE TO USE for up to two hundred forty (240) days Learn more here.

About the Author: Brian Doty

Brian Doty joined Dell Technologies in 1999 and currently works in the OpenManage organization as the Director of Product Management. In this role, Brian is focused on making PowerEdge servers simple to manage and lowering their total cost of ownership to customers. During Brian’s 21 year tenure at Dell Technologies, Brian has worked in many different functional areas including validation and development across server hardware, client systems and management software. Prior to joining Dell, Brian worked at an Internet startup, Netopia. During his time off he enjoys fitness, art, and writing.