Frank Frankovsky of Facebook talks about Open Compute — how they got there and where they go from here

Former Dell DCS dude Frank Frankovsky has been at Facebook for about 18 months.  Frank is Facebook’s Director, Hardware Design and Supply Chain and since he arrived, he has been heavily involved in the Open Compute project.  Today was the big day when Open Compute made its worldwide debut.

Frank represented Facebook on the panel discussion which was moderated by GigaOM’s Om Malik.  After the panel I was able to grab a few minutes with Frank, between press interviews, and learn first hand about the project.

Some of the topics Frank covers:

  • What he and his team do at Facebook
  • Their brand new data center which is running open compute infrastructure
  • Opening up the details and specs of their data center and the systems they are running
  • The genesis of the open compute project
  • What are the next steps for the open compute project

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