Introducing Dell Fluid Cache for SAN for Scale-Out Environments

Ed. Note: This post was authored by Kishore Gagrani, Global Product Director, Dell Fluid Cache

The growth of global data is outpacing storage in this era of wireless technologies, smart products and software-defined businesses. IT administrators need a way to store this information, access it easily, and manage it in a timely manner.

Today, Dell announced its new Dell Fluid Cache for SAN, previously demoed at Dell World, a fully integrated server and storage solution which caches data at the compute layer for data-hungry applications. This solution permits faster application response time while enabling unprecedented I/O performance and energizing applications such as OLTP and VDI in a scalable, low-latency environment.

Dell Fluid Cache for SAN is a unique solution that comprises three important factors:  

  1. write-back caching
  2. cache pool scalability
  3. easy access serviceable cache media

This application acceleration technology is designed to address issues customers face with high use databases and virtualization, such as the retail and financial industries. Those industries need to handle rapid transaction response times in online and mobile shopping environments. This new high-performance, scalable solution can bring a positive experience for the growing numbers of e-commerce users and enable real-time data mining to support better customer targeting, retention and support.

Maximizing your computational horsepower, Fluid Cache for SAN utilizes Dell PowerEdge Express Flash PCIe SSDs, including the newly added NVMe drives, allowing you to continue to take advantage of award-winning Dell Compellent automated data progression capabilities. The solution brings data closer to compute while dramatically reducing response times. Businesses and organizations can add concurrent users while benefiting from significant performance increases as well as storage latency reduction.

The highly available solution with Compellent storage ensures data integrity to safeguard data from server to SAN with no single point of failure. By protecting both read and write data in the cache pool, the solution’s write-back caching ensures high availability as data processing can continue even in the event of a compute node outage.

Management is simplified with a single interface through Dell Compellent’s Enterprise Manager. Additionally, the cache pool size can be increased on the fly without compute downtime resulting in higher performance as your workload grows.

If you’re looking to speed up your data processing, Dell Fluid Cache for SAN will be available worldwide in the second half of June 2014.

Sarah Vela

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