Flash goes with Dell Storage PS Series iSCSI storage like peanut butter goes with jelly

photo by Flickr user Melanie Allan

Summer always takes me back to my youth of bike riding while trying to eat a melting popsicle, and consuming vast amounts of sandwiches with chips. Some things in life just go together like peanut butter and jelly. Take, for example, flash technology and Dell Storage PS Series iSCSI arrays. iSCSI technology was developed to work using existing network infrastructure and Dell has taken that efficiency a step further with easy-to-manage software, linear scaling of capacity and performance and low TCO with the PS Series line.

For a long time SSDs were limited to very specific roles in the datacenter such as high speed caching. Now reduced SSD costs and technologies like advanced data tiering and load-balancing offer high performance combined with the efficiency of the Dell Storage PS Series line.

Of course, flash arrays are not a one-size fits all solution.  Dell Storage PS Series offers two all-flash arrays, the PS6210S and the PS6100S that can achieve high IOPS for your most critical workloads. The PS Series line also includes four hybrid models: the PS4210XS for smaller datacenters that require higher performance, the PS6210XS that supports OLTP or VDI workloads in mid-sized environments, the PS6100XS that offers 1GbE connectivity and the PS6610ES that combines dense storage and flash speed to support mixed workloads.

If you are thinking about adding flash in your datacenter, please talk to your Dell representative to discuss your overall business and IT goals to help you find the “peanut butter and jelly” combination for your environment. We also encourage you to investigate what others are saying about Dell Storage PS Series flash solutions. In fact, we recently swept all of IT Pros 2015 Flash Storage Brand Leaders titles in All Flash iSCSI arrays for the second year in a row.  Please follow us on Twitter for information about the latest technologies, catch us on LinkedIn, and we definitely hope to see you at Dell World this October where you can experience our latest and greatest Dell Storage Solutions up close. Until then, I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer — melting popsicles and all.

About the Author: Nicole Werts Williams

Nicole Werts Williams is a Sr. Advisor supporting Server Solution Marketing at Dell, Inc with a focus on tower servers, modular infrastructure and storage components. Nicole has also served in the Storage Marketing Group at Dell covering the PS and SC Series lines. With over 15 years of experience in IT marketing spanning hardware software and services, Nicole has also held positions at IBM. She holds a MBA and a BA in English.