Flash forward your storage. Cut TCO.

The days of paying a premium for flash storage compared to disk are over. Now enterprises of all kinds are taking advantage of Dell Storage SC Series flash solutions powered by Intel®, so they can:

  • Boost data throughputs
  • Improve application performance
  • Reduce storage footprints
  • Consume less energy
  • Lower TCO
  • Innovate

You can read below about all kinds of Dell customers that are realizing big benefits like these. Like the hospital that has boosted its EHR system performance by 40 percent and cut backup times by 50 percent. Or the car repair chain that accelerated performance of its core application by 300 percent!

How do the Dell Storage SC Series of all-flash and hybrid storage arrays do it? They feature a unique, automated tiering architecture. It can provide the right mix of flash performance and price to meet an organization’s needs for the lowest dollar/GB cost in the market.* Flash tiering can dramatically accelerate active workloads, so applications run faster and access data much quicker. Advanced technologies in compression, deduplication, automated tiering and thin provisioning also help ensure data throughputs are always optimized.

The following six companies implemented Dell all-flash or hybrid storage solutions to gain better overall data and application performance, while lowering their TCO.

Wheeling Hospital
Due to slow data transfer speeds, overnight data backups were colliding with the morning rush of *** prescriptions at Wheeling Hospital. Dell Storage SC Series flash-optimized hybrid arrays with Intel Xeon® processors helped increase EHR system performance by 40 percent and cut backup times by 50 percent, solving the problem.

P&V Group
As a leading insurer, the P&V Group needed faster reporting to comply with new EU regulations. Using Dell Storage SC Series flash-optimized storage arrays with Intel Xeon processors, it achieved 70 percent faster reporting, while lowering storage costs by 80 percent.

Service King
Excessive customer wait times due to frequent time-outs of its core application threatened the growth of Service King, a big car repair chain. Powered by Intel, Dell Storage SC Series flash arrays boosted the application’s performance by 300 percent, saving 20 minutes per customer each day.

Daqo Group
To lower the TCO for its enterprise application suite, the Daqo Group, a diversified manufacturer, deployed all-flash Dell Storage SC Series arrays with Intel Xeon processors. Automated tiering capabilities helped boost data speeds up to 200 percent.

Samitivej Hospital
In upgrading its patient information system, Samitivej Hospital sought more data throughput with a lower TCO. It got both with Dell Storage SC Series flash arrays powered by Intel. Data speeds are now up to 100,000 IOPS with less costs for power and cooling.

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs
The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs wanted a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to keep pace with fast growth. Using Dell Storage SC Series hybrid arrays with both flash and spinning disks, and powered by Intel, it gained 50 percent faster data performance and near-zero latency for optimal user experiences.

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Find out more about how Dell Storage SC Series flash-optimized arrays powered by Intel can deliver new levels of performance and lower your TCO. Learn more about what you can achieve with future-ready, cost-competitive, flash storage solutions here:

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* Competitive pricing is based on a variety of sources including analyst data, price sheets when available, and public information in October 2015. Individual customer price may vary based on a variety of circumstances and data should be used for comparison purposes.

About the Author: Travis Vigil

Travis Vigil is Senior Vice President leading Portfolio and Product Management for Dell’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG). He and his team are responsible for the Product, Offer and APEX (as-a-Service) Roadmap for Dell’s Server, Storage, Data Protection, CI/HCI, Networking, and Solutions portfolios. He has over 20 years of Product Management, Marketing and Business Operations experience with technology companies including Dell and Intel. In previous roles at Dell, he served as Senior Vice President for Storage & Data Protection Product Management, and Senior Vice President for Business Operations focused on Dell’s Server, Storage and Networking Business with commercial customers. He has a B.S. from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.