Flash Forward and Accelerate the Data Lake

We’re about to hit you with something big. Ready?

Flash is now a standard enterprise storage option in the block world. That’s certainly not news. But did you know that block only represents 20% of all data, and the other 80% is unstructured or file data that doubles every 2-3 years?

Naturally, Dell EMC has a fix for that.

New today, Isilon All-Flash storage (formerly “Project Nitro”) will ignite the Isilon data lake for storing and managing unstructured data in the core data center. With 6X more IOPS, 8X more aggregate throughput, 47% more capacity, the blazing performance of Isilon All-Flash is sure to accelerate demanding and business critical workloads to new levels.


The Isilon All-Flash storage device is a 4U chassis that can accommodate up to four all-flash nodes. Each node holds up to a total of 15 SSDs. Since Isilon All Flash leverages commodity components as core platform building blocks, as density and capacities increase we can quickly and easily continue to grow the node and chassis density. Dell EMC Isilon is continuing to innovate; this scale out all-flash cluster can reach extreme scale, with up to 400+ nodes providing a cluster that delivers aggregate bandwidth of 1.5TB/s and capacity of a whopping 100 PB.


It’s all about the SOFTWARE!

Isilon All-Flash runs the same Isilon OneFS operating system that our customers know and love, so it can participate in the cluster with other Isilon nodes, thus providing interoperability and investment protection.  As an integral part of the data lake, it gives customers the flexibility of choosing protocols from file protocols like NFS, SMB, to object protocols like REST and Openstack/Swift to enabling customers to run in-place analytics with HDFS. OneFS strengthens the data lake by including the enterprise grade storage and data management features like data protection, security and performance management.  Finally, with storage pools, you can take advantage of optimizing the data placement to provide the right storage tier based on the business criticality, age or value of the data.


Why All-Flash?

We see customers using Isilon All-Flash to accelerate the throughput and scale of Media and Entertainment workloads like 4K streaming, animation rendering and content creation. Additionally, compute intensive workloads like Electronic Design Automation logic design and verification will allow customers to shift the bottleneck from storage to compute by increasing the IOPS and the ability to run more jobs concurrently. Lastly, Hadoop and other near real-time big data analytics workloads as well as human genome sequencing in Life Sciences will reap the rewards of Isilon’s all-flash technology.

Isilon All-Flash is all about solving customers’ challenges and meeting these new application demands from a workload perspective.   While business is changing faster than ever before, Isilon All-Flash—and the entire Isilon family—are designed to help customers meet their challenges head on.

Customers can Pre-Order Isilon All Flash today, click here!  Isilon All-flash will be generally available in 1H 2017.

About the Author: Phil Bullinger