Five Insights on the “Now” Frontier of Marketing

By now, we’ve all heard the statistics that prove marketing and big data are converging and digital technology – social media, predictive analytics – has transformed marketing as we know it. Truth is, technology has disrupted the way we all do business and it’s everyone’s responsibility to understand how to use the power of digital and social innovation to better listen, understand and engage with our customers.

Ari Lightman speaking to a group of Dell employees

I recently hosted Professor Ari Lightman, Distinguished Service Professor, Director, CIO Institute, Carnegie Mellon College, at Dell to increase our savvy on digital marketing. Here are the top five insights we learned from the discussion:

  1. A vast majority of the data we collect is irrelevant – Don’t collect data for data’s sake. Make sure that it offers additional insights in improving the customer experience.
  2. No matter how much data we have, the old scientific adage applies – correlation still does not imply causation – While our ability to capture data has dramatically improved, we still need to focus analysis on the data points that can be measured for creating impact.
  3. Millennials are creating the most data in the digital space– We must meet our customers of the future where they are and engage in sustained conversations; transactional, one-way communication is not effective for reaching millennials.
  4. Employees are the best advocates, but also the top security issue for organizations – Security is a critical piece of the customer experience. Policies and governance must be a top priority for a successful digital marketing initiative. 
  5. Community building for large companies depends on both business and user objectives – Simply put, the customer rules. For any business to connect with stakeholders, they have to be at the center.
  6. Ultimately, the “now” frontier of marketing is all about the customer. Digital, social and data analytics simply offer new and exciting opportunities to support and improve the customer journey.

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