Fired up for 2012!

I’m so excited – no, wait, scratch that. I’M FIRED UP for what’s in store for 2012 here at Isilon! As great as 2011 was, this next year has even more industry game changers in store.

Since joining the EMC family, we’ve been on quite the ride as our parent company has taken our solutions into new use cases, environments and industries. This opportunity to grow our customer footprint has fueled our innovation juices even more and we’re ready to capitalize on the new prospects.

Here’s a peek at what’s behind the curtain in the New Year:

  • Standardizing on OneFS 6.5 – We’re continuing to drive adoption of the latest version of OneFS to ensure that every customer is getting nothing short of world-class support and enterprise viability. This won’t be an easy feat with so many new customers, but we’re determined to do so to ensure our trademark Isilon quality. We’ve heard from many customers that it’s our OS that is really the selling point of Isilon (not just the stellar architecture), so we want to make sure all our customers have the latest and greatest.
  • Taking Big Data Mainstream – Early in 2012, we’ll be making a series of announcements related to big data, including new solutions that will help the mainstream enterprise extract maximum value from big data stores. Much more detail to come on this soon, so stay tuned!
  • Setting the Standard in Scale-out – You’ve all heard the pretenders out there shouting “scale-out” again and again, but when you see what we roll out in 2012, there won’t be any more debate as to who the standard bearer is (as if there really was now ;). But it’s not about tooting our own horn (okay, maybe a little), it’s about delivering what our customers are asking for. And, as EMC has taken us deep into the enterprise data center, we’re preparing to deliver exactly what enterprise customers need – many times over.
  • Cloud, Virtualization and Beyond – I’d included some awesome insight into where we’re taking OneFS in terms of the cloud and virtualization, but the lawyers scrubbed it out, so you’ll just have to take my word, we’re taking the phrase “journey to the cloud” to a whole new level next year!

Without a doubt, we’ve got tons in store in the New Year. So, get ready, get excited and prepare to have your mind blown.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch