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EMC® Isilon® patch documentation has been updated, making it easier to find information about patches for the OneFS operating system. Previously, you had to check several separate documents for each supported version of OneFS to determine if a patch was available for a specific known issue. Now you can refer to a single document, Current Patches for EMC Isilon OneFS, (log in to the EMC Online Support site is required) to find information about any patch for any version of OneFS.

The best way to resolve known issues in OneFS is to upgrade to a recent OneFS maintenance release (MR). However, if you need a solution before an MR is released and a patch is available, you can download and install a patch. Often, Isilon will issue a standard patch for a specific issue or a rollup patch to fix issues within a component of OneFS. (Not every known issue is addressed with a patch.)
This consolidated document provides the benefit of reviewing all available patches of versions of OneFS. This can help you consider which version of OneFS that you want to upgrade to next.

All OneFS patches and current patch documentation are on the EMC Online Support site. For example, if EMC Isilon Technical Support provides your with a patch ID number, you can search for it in EMC Online Support by entering “patch-[ID number],” as shown in the image below. Or you can check the new reference, Current patches for OneFS. This document provides a current list of patches available for supported versions of OneFS.

Searching for patch ID numbers in the EMC Online Support site.
Searching for patch ID numbers in the EMC Online Support site.

How to download and install patches

For details about finding, downloading, and installing a patch. Watch the video “Understanding Patches for EMC Isilon OneFS” for an overview of patches and to learn the complete process for applying a patch to OneFS.

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You can also read the knowledge base article “Understanding patches for EMC Isilon products (176358)” for a detailed description of the topics covered in the video.

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