Filtering Downloads Results

Did you know there is a “newish” view in the downloads area making it easier and faster to find your content?  While leveraging EMC Online Support’s “Support by Product” pages you can find your content faster using the new content groupings or “buckets”.  This blog will provide some tips and tricks to help you find relevant content from the Downloads page.

Once on the Support by Product page for your product, choose “Downloads” and you will see the list of downloads specific to that product with additional filtering located on the left-hand side.

download filtering blog1.PNG.png

Choose the appropriate filtering on the left side to reduce the results to a manageable number.

download filtering blog2.PNG.png

Since hardware products have no version, (as in the example below), there will be no filtering on the left hand side which can result in a lot of results. However, utilizing the content groupings by “Download Type” on the Downloads page will allow you to get to the most relevant content quickly.  Simply expand the grouping that interests you and you will get to your download faster with few results to scroll through.

download filtering blog3.PNG.png

Online Support Downloads is a unified, support-focused search. Try it and post your feedback or questions as comments to this post.

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