Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: Redefining Comprehensive

When we first introduced Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, we proved we could plan, scope and implement it in as few as 28 days. Then at EMC World we showed how we could enable IT organizations to add new services with ease after deployment. Want a sneak preview of what’s to come next?

How about:

  1. The ability to deliver self service for new and existing multi-tiered applications and update them in a simple drag-and-drop experience
  2. Always-on and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  3. Accelerated deployment through cost-optimized hyper-converged infrastructure

Sound good? Well, we’re hard at work in the Federation lab engineering these features into our Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution – and what outcomes do we expect them to deliver?

Enterprise IT will become much closer with the App Development team because Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud will provide for complete application lifecycle automation. This provides the continuous delivery capabilities for applications mentioned above. Now developers won’t end up writing code in just a few days only to have to wait weeks for the infrastructure to be in place for the code to run on. Code will be written and the underlying infrastructure will be ready for deployment.

We’re also working on providing  users the ability to update their data services, even after initial provisioning. That’s what always-on and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service means. We’ll make it possible for users to add, update and modify data protection and security options like Continuous Availability, Disaster Recovery, Backup, and Encryption, at any time from the self-service portal. Why? Because workload and application requirements change over time.

The solution isn’t just one size fits all either. EMC will offer the choice of converged infrastructure with VCE Vblock and VxBlock Systems, reference architecture with EMC VSPEX, or even the option to build your own. Of course, Vblock is the preferred choice for accelerated deployments in just 28 days, but customers have the ability to choose the right infrastructure for the right workload within their environment.

28 days is pretty fast to stand up an enterprise-quality hybrid cloud. That doesn’t mean we can’t do it faster. We’re engineering VCE VxRack hyper-converged systems as a new option on which to build Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. Not only will this enable fast deployment, but thanks to VxRack’s unique capabilities, customers can gain the option to add to their environment node-by-node, while being able to scale storage and compute independently. This will offer better economics and simpler, yet more flexible scale-out capabilities.

But what about what Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is doing today? Better to hear that directly from our customers themselves.

The University of North Texas is using Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service with Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service to follow: video here.

Energy Future Holdings expects an ROI of $54 million as a result of Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: video here.

The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution can change how Enterprise IT delivers value to their business. We as the Federation will continue to enhance the way in which Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud delivers value to Enterprise IT. What would you like to see Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud deliver in the future?

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About the Author: Peter Cutts

Peter Cutts is the Senior Vice President of Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Platforms within the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division. He has global responsibility for the strategy and execution of our Hybrid Cloud Platforms portfolio, which enables business and IT transformation and accelerates time to value for our customers and partners. Leveraging the power of Dell EMC converged and hyper-converged engineered systems, the Hybrid Cloud Platforms organization focuses on delivering the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Native Hybrid Cloud, Analytic Insights Module, and the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack.