Fast and Flexible: VCE’s Value

Speed matters for our customers. When VCE set out to solve critical customer issues, a reoccurring pain point that was cited was the time required to implement new technology at scale. So, we set out to speed things up by delivering a truly converged infrastructure that seamlessly integrates the best-of-breed virtualization, server, network, storage and backup from Cisco, EMC and VMware. Given that our Vblock Systems are pre-integrated, tested, and validated, the systems can be quickly deployed, easily distributed, and counted on to increase the predictability and timeliness of IT projects for solution providers and end-users alike.

At VCE, we are proud to provide customers with a converged infrastructure solution that takes 45 days to implement from start to finish, as opposed to traditional infrastructures that take three or four times longer. When combined with the flexibility to handle any variety of workloads, you’ve got a solution that, according to Enderle Group Principal Analyst Rob Enderle, “Gives customers what they paid for, gives it to them fast and it pretty much does everything they want it to do.”

As more organizations start to understand the benefits of converged infrastructure and the market fills up with ‘converged’ offerings, we can point to how our customers have already been doing things with Vblock Systems that, “people didn’t really believe could be done.” The market is moving towards convergence and VCE is committed to staying ahead of the curve by delivering more converged systems and solutions to answer the next set of customer challenges and it is this innovation that enables us to remain the leader.

Watch the video above to learn why speed of deployment is an advantage for VCE. And read Enderle’s recent Tech Guru Daily post that validates the value of VCE systems, highlighting how we are winning with customers by selling and delivering a complete solution while certain competitors are struggling as they sell a ‘solution’ but deliver parts.

About the Author: Nina Hargus