Exposing the Roots of Innovation with Hybrid Cloud

We live in a world where answers are instantaneous, and it’s no secret technology has changed the way people are consuming information. The proliferation of smart devices and social networks puts endless resources in the palm of our hands. So, what does the hybrid cloud have to do with mobile, social, and big data trends?


A whole lot, actually! Think of the cloud like the roots of a tree; people admire a tree’s serenity and the life that it beholds, but hardly ever do you consider what lies beneath the surface. Without the roots to it hold up, the tree cannot stand. The same idea holds true for that activity tracker on your wrist or your new smart watch.  You’re captivated by the end product, but do you know what makes it tick? Without cloud technology, the digital lifestyle you are so accustomed to would simply not be possible.

For example, think about how your banking experience has changed over the past five years and put yourself in the shoes of an app developer. One of your greatest competitors just announced a new mobile banking application that allows users to transfer money, make payments and to deposit checks whenever and wherever they are. It’s now up to you to gain back your company’s competitive edge.

Competitive opportunities can pass quickly, so you need to be on your toes with resources at your fingertips. Every day that passes without the invention of a new groundbreaking app is a day that customers will be influenced to take their business somewhere more convenient. The traditional methods a core IT team offers are just not fast enough anymore.  So, you resort to going around IT and fire-up the resources you need in the public cloud. Why is this an issue? The core IT team looses visibility and cannot include your data in their strategy. But you can’t afford the delay!

For every aspect of a business to thrive, it’s vital to have a solid foundation and IT strategy to support it. If developers want to surpass competition, they need to combine the speed, simplicity and flexibility of the public cloud, with the trust, visibility and reliability of the private cloud.  So, what if there was a way to bring these two methods together quickly and seamlessly?

clock.png     This is where the hybrid cloud comes into play! EMC has designed a fully engineered solution for IT admins to manage on-prem and off-prem systems via one single interface. With automated services, countless hours are freed up for the IT staff to devote to innovation and building those important next-generation consumer applications. Developers can now bring their products and ideas to life exponentially faster.

According to a study by Forrester, IT departments are spending 72% of the budget on operational costs, and a mere 28% on innovation. Now, imagine what your IT organization could achieve if this trend was reversed? The opportunities for invention are endless and we have just barely scratched the surface.  This is exactly what EMC is envisioning; a world without limitations.

If the answer is so obvious, why aren’t all IT departments bringing the two clouds together to form a hybrid cloud? It’s not so simple!  EMC has spoken with many companies that have spent considerable time and effort – years in some cases – in attempts to build a hybrid solution and are still left without the desired result.


EMC has spent over 40,000 engineering hours building this solution that can be implemented in a mere 28 days for a fraction of the cost. So, rather than breaking the bank and waiting years for the answer, you can turn to EMC!

Developers have the capability to create extraordinary things, and thanks to EMC, data center restrictions are being dissolved.  The banking industry is demanding the ability to go live with a new application every day, but it currently takes over 150 days on average to put a new app into production. EMC is closing the gap by providing customers with the power to free up the IT staff, cut operational costs and drive growth through investing in innovation. Your banking application is now a thing of the past and runners.pngyou’re onto the next big trend!

Let’s put it this way, if the products brought to market today impress you, just wait for what the future has to offer once hybrid cloud adoption takes off. Developers will have the opportunity to create things today’s world hasn’t even imaged yet. Although unseen, it all routes back to the cloud. So, next time you’re stunned by an ad for an HD camera, calling an Uber, or streaming your favorite TV show, you can thank the cloud for that!

If you are wondering how it all works, keep an eye out for our next blog, or visit emc.com/cloud. We welcome questions and feedback, so feel free to leave us a comment or blog request below!

About the Author: Cindy O'Brien

Cindy O’Brien is Dell’s Social Sponsorship Manager. Here, she focuses on building and managing end-to-end social programs with our major sponsorships like PGA events, Olympics, MLB, NFL, and more. Prior, she was leading the social and digital marketing strategy for our cloud solution. Outside of the corporate world, she is a passionate member of the Junior League of San Diego, an organization devoted promoting leadership and volunteerism in the community. Instructing her favorite group fitness class also allows her to connect with like-minded individuals. You might be able to conclude that Cindy is a people person down to her core. She strive to make meaningful connections and learn about what makes people tick. Hence, her success as a social media expert at Dell.