Explore virtual cures for real-world ills

As one doctor recently wrote in Forbes, the U.S. healthcare system is actually a number of complicated systems. That complexity – which includes everything from the explosion of data to the possibility of changes in federal law – challenges providers, patients and payers and underscores the need for innovation.

Take a virtual tour of Dell’s Discover Healthcare IT tool and see the ways that technology can and will improve the delivery of healthcare.

You can step into the room of a virtual patient who’s about to be discharged from the hospital and is concerned about his medications, which is a common situation. The virtual doctor at his bedside pulls up his electronic medical record on a tablet and sees that the patient once had a negative reaction to a painkiller. That allows her to prescribe a different medication to ensure the patient’s safety and improve his experience by allaying his fears.

Those kinds of innovations rest on efficient IT. Just take a trip into the virtual data center or the radiology lab, where you can see how cloud storage solutions enable improved clinical collaboration. And efficiency doesn’t just improve care – it saves money. Any healthcare organization concerned about rising costs will be interested in how they can do more with technology.

Better healthcare starts with better information that’s delivered efficiently and effectively. And that benefits everyone.

About the Author: Ana Cantu