Experience the POWER of Dell’s desktop virtualization solutions

If you are attending this year’s Citrix Synergy Barcelona, it will be all around you. Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions is powering the Desktop Transformation Datacenter with a fully functional physical implementation of an enterprise-capable desktop virtualization environment built with Dell’s Integrated Solution Stack (ISS).

So, what is the Desktop Transformation Center? It sounds so movie-like, right? It is the single data center, computing infrastructure that provides the backbone for the event and supports areas throughout Synergy, where all virtual desktops and published applications will be powered from. This “powered by Dell” infrastructure is designed to support 500+ virtual desktops and every attendee at the conference will directly experience the virtualization revolution. That means that as soon as you walk up to the Registration Desk, you start being part of it, from the Press Center to the Education Test Center, to session tracking, at BYO Mobility or at the Dell booth, there is no way of bypassing the transformation and virtualization of a desktop.

The Dell muscle behind this includes Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell EqualLogic storage and Dell PowerConnect networking. And since the Dell ISS is based on more than 50,000 person hours of engineering work, architectural design and scalability testing by Dell, you can be assured that the “power” will be quite noticeable.

Read about what Citrix is saying on the Desktop Transformation Center here.  To see Dell in action, visit the Dell booth at Citrix Synergy Barcelona.

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