Expanding the VCE Technology Alliance Program with Two New Certification Programs

Building on the success of the Vblock Ready certification program we launched in 2012, VCE is further expanding its Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program with two new certification programs: VCE Validation Ready and VCE Vision Ready.  The VCE Validation Ready Program is designed to help partners and their customers to test and validate their own software configurations on a dedicated test bed with VCE converged infrastructure solutions, while the VCE Vision Ready program is intended for certification of third-party software integrations with VCE Vision Intelligent Operations.

The VCE Validation Ready test bed can be accessed directly or remotely from our testing and certification partner Superna. It can also be used to conduct Performance and Scalability testing or customer Proof of Concepts (POCs). This approach makes validations and certifications simpler, faster, and cheaper while also ensuring compatibility with VCE’s continually evolving technologies like the VCE Vision Intelligent Operations and those of our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners.

The VCE Vision Ready Certification Program has been established to ensure third-party applications leverage VCE Vision Intelligent Operations to successfully manage and interoperate with Vblock Systems as a single converged infrastructure entity. As part of the certification process, various criteria are customized based on the candidate application’s use of specific APIs to accommodate for specialized deployments.

TAP Partners that have already taken advantage of these new certification programs include:

  • BMC Software
  • EMC Clinical Archiving by EMC Enterprise Content Division
  • Kaspersky Lab
  • Perceptive Software
  • Superna
  • Trend Micro

Both the VCE Vision Ready and VCE Validation Ready programs are not exclusively for VCE Technology Alliance Partners though. The VCE Vision Ready Program is for any developer interested in creating a VCE Vision Adapter using the VCE Vision API and the VCE Validation Ready Program and its remote test bed can be used by any VCE Partner (including channel partners, service providers and global systems integrators), and their customers and prospects.

There are currently two fully certified VCE Vision Ready adapters available with the VCE Validation Ready test bed:

  • CA/Nimsoft: CA + Superna Eyeglass Connect for Nimsoft to monitor compliance in real time.
  • BMC: BMC + Superna Eyeglass Connect for BMC Atrium for the management of configuration and patch management in real time, including asset management, product catalog, and service dashboard, and for compliance with integration with BMC BladeLogic/BSA.

For more information on the new certification programs, please visit: http://www.vce.com/partners/type/technology-alliance-partners

About the Author: DJ Long