Expanding Technology Discussions in the EMC Support Community

The one thing that can be said about technology is that it never stops evolving. And as EMC grows its market share, partnerships, and product portfolio, that leads to real-world intersections with other products on an increasing scale.

So obviously there is a need to expand the conversations on the EMC Support Community Forums to include technologies beyond EMC.

To that end, we have revamped the General Topics Support Forum. Once a place for discussions that was general and did not fit perfectly within the realm of EMC technologies, it is now expanded to be a fully fledged support forum – facilitating content and discussions relating to all technologies that integrate with, cross paths with, or otherwise have something to do with your EMC products.

We’re categorizing the content too, so we can collate it and perhaps give an emerging new technology discussion its own forum if there is the demand.

So feel free to roam the General Topics Forum and talk about any technologies as they relate to EMC. All we ask is that you tag your content and monitor your discussions.

We hope you enjoy the revamped space!

About the Author: Mark Browne