Expanded Availability for Live Chat Support!

If you speak Chinese, Spanish or Portuguese and would like a quick response for your CLARiiON or Networker support needs, take advantage of our Live Chat Proof-of-Concept.  This uses auto translation which allows EMC to extend the hours of operation and provide the response in your preferred language.

For this POC, support hours for these products are extended to 24×5, allowing you to engage EMC Support anytime between Sunday 7 PM to Friday 4 PM (ET). Just logon to our POC platform and select the language and product of your choice:

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All we ask you to do as a participant is complete a short survey after your chat sessions.  It’s that easy, and you should experience the same great quality and responsiveness you are already getting with EMC Live Chat.

Key benefits of AutoChat are:

  • An EMC Technical Support Professional will provide support in English and the chat conversation is automatically translated into one of the offered languages.
  • Hours of support are extended to 24×5 Sunday thru Friday.
  • A service request will be automatically created for you so there is no need for you to create one via the web or through the call center. 
  • You can use AutoChat for issues of any severity, with time to resolution faster than other support channels.
  • Your feedback will be incorporated as appropriate to ensure that the platform is developed to meet the specific demands of our customers.

We invite you to take advantage of this POC for your support needs as we believe AutoChat offers features that will benefit you. No harm in trying it out and who knows, chat may become your preferred support method when you need an immediate response.

To learn more and to sign up for using “AutoChat” email POCLiveChat@emc.com.

Hien Ho

Principal Program Manager, EMC eServices

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