Evolution of Scale-out Storage (Scale-out 2.0)

When scale-out storage first debuted in 2001, hundreds of fledgling vendors entered the market with solutions mainly targeted at vertical industries like media/entertainment and web 2.0. Most of these early stage companies didn’t have a product that really met customers’ needs and so they faded away. A few others were bought by the big storage vendors in the hopes their technology could be integrated into already existing product lines, but we all know how that turned out.

Today, Isilon is the only company that has continued to deliver innovative products and developed strategic partnerships to provide customers with powerful yet simple scale-out storage solutions, enabling enterprise IT to easily manage data, consolidate applications and scale out a single storage resource in step with evolving business needs. Need more proof? Earlier this year, Gartner positioned Isilon as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for midrange to high-end NAS because of an “ability to execute and completeness of vision.”

Scale-out storage was an early adopter technology from the start, catering to companies with big data growth problems and no viable solution. Isilon is changing all that. With today’s new product innovations, including our sixth generation operating system OneFS® 6.0, SmartPools™ data management software and InsightIQ™ analytics platform, Isilon is ushering in a new era of scale-out storage: Scale-out 2.0. For the first time, IT can take advantage of automated tiered storage within a single file system and all of the benefits it provides. By continuing to lead the innovation curve in scale-out storage, Isilon is taking an important step beyond traditional NAS and SAN in the cost-optimization, manageability and scalability that storage can offer to the enterprise.

But, again, don’t take our word for it. Josh Wisely of WebTrends, who uses Isilon X-Series in a virtualized IT environment with more than 700 virtual machines running VMware vSphere, had this to say, “We’re using InsightIQ on a daily basis and the granularity of detail it provides makes a big difference in how we can track usage trends and adjust our workflows accordingly. It’s simple to use but provides a great level of detail. Plus, when I use it with SmartPools, I can determine exactly where data needs to be to optimize my system for performance and cost.”

So, as we continue to march toward our vision of the ultimate, enterprise scale-out storage platform, we hope you’ll take the journey with us. Please do keep in touch and tell us how you want scale-out to work for you.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch