European Commission on “eLeadership Digital Skills”

Today I would like to summarize some facts out of the eLeadership and eSkills publication from the European Commission (revealed back in November 2015).

europe will be short of 1 million people with digital skills by 2020

As per the document, there is a shortage of over 800,000 for digital professionals and 200,000 for eLeaders by 2020.

Back in May 2015, the European Commission launched a Digital Single Market strategy. Once implemented, the Digital Single Market could contribute over € 415 billion per year to the European economy.

Emerging competition, digitisation, disruptive technologies and an ever-increasing amount of customer data are shaping the various industries.
The pressure is on to transform. e-Leadership will be of crucial importance for industries in Europe to distinguish themselves in their business operation.

The European Commission launched various initiatives to recognize the importance of the digital skills and IT professionalism. Just to give two examples:
1. “Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs”: It’s goal is to intensify and accelerate the efforts to fill the digital skills gap. Companies like EMC, CISCO, Google or Oracle (just to name a few) have added pledges.
2. e-Leadership Skills: started in 2013 with a focus on large enterprises and was broadend to include small and medium sized enterprises, gazelles and start-ups.

A research revealed requirements with regards to the format of the training:
Self-learning and one-to-one coaching being very important but there was also a preference for affordable training of a few days with flexible hours.

Business Leader require insights on how to leverage cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service to drive business innovation, agility, and efficiency.
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The full “eLeadership Digital Skills” report can be viewed at 

About the Author: Joachim Worf

Joachim is a Sr. Education Delivery Manager with 15+ years of experience in IT, including over 10 years in Education Management. His compilation of work includes accountability and responsibility for Education Services (Learning & Development), Education Strategy, Organizational Development, Staffing, Partner Management, Customer Relations, ISO-Auditing, Program- and Project-Management. In previous roles, Joachim was responsible for EMEA Education Inside Sales and the EMC Academic Alliance program in EMEA. Joachim is a Board Member at Learning Solutions Working Group at german BITKOM (ICT) Association and Board Member to European eSkills Association (EeSA).