ESRSv3: Critical Operational Update


There are some incredibly exciting launches that we have planned, that will transform the EMC customer experience and give EMC customers fantastic new capabilities that will – in a nutshell – help them to do what they do, better. But to maximize the value of the EMC Modern Customer Service Experience (spoilers: that’s what we’re calling this new customer experience), EMC customers need to connect via ESRSv3. Why? Because only ESRSv3 offers the needed speed, security, and features that allow EMC to open the doors to the great new capabilities that are being introduced as a part of the new EMC customer experience.

The Why:

EMC is rolling out a major ESRS connectivity infrastructure upgrade in 2016 – which will allow us to bring our customers a true next-gen proactive service and support experience. Not only are we ramping up overall speed, stability, security, and performance, we are also setting the stage for even more feature rollouts in the near future.

How Much Does It Cost?

Absolutely nothing. These enhancements are free to all EMC ESRS customers, whether you are running ESRS 2.x Gateway, ESRS 2.x Device Client, or ESRS 3.x Virtual Edition versions. ESRSv3 is also free to customers brand new to ESRS, or who have been using an alternate connectivity method (e.g. modem).

Go Do:

For current ESRSv3 users: In order to take advantage of our next-gen infrastructure, add the new EMC IP addresses found in the link below to the ones already allowed by your security rules. That’s it!

The list of expanded IP addresses can be found here.

Brand new to ESRSv3? No problem! There’s never been a better time to connect. ESRSv3 can be run completely virtually, is 100% customer installable, and is available free of charge to EMC customers

  1. Start here for your introduction to ESRSv3 and an implementation walkthrough:
  2. Prep your site. A handy checklist can be found here: ESRS Pre-Site Checklist. And be sure to open up the required ports per the new expanded list of IP addresses.
  3. Download, install and configure ESRSv3. All downloads and documentation can be found here:

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact EMC Customer Service.

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