Escape Technology – 2008 U.S. Small Business Excellence Award Finalist Profile

Truly invested in the betterment of the California school system and catering specifically to California’s County Offices of Education (COE), at least half of Escape Technology’s
employees have previously worked in the public school environment.
Escape views itself as part of the school business community, sensitive
to the demands and challenges school districts face.

Many school districts today are held back by out-of-date and
disorganized processes like manual budgeting and the use of multiple
systems for reports, and COE’s are in charge of providing school
districts in each county with more appropriate systems. Building and
providing COE’s with consolidation tools like finance, HR, and payroll
applications, Escape says the most beneficial thing it offers to fight
such challenges is time and efficiency.

“Competing systems don’t have the breadth of Escape, where we manage
all the business and HR functions of a school district,” said Bob Towery,
Escape Technology CEO. “With other systems, districts end up with many
homegrown solutions to manage information resulting in the failure of
their core system and the duplication of information several times.
Elimination this problem, our software and training services offer a
vehicle for school business to be a lot more efficient.”

Escape uses completely up-to-date hardware and software to help
users truly utilize the power of their desktops, laptops and servers.
School districts that migrate to Escape’s software experience a much
more responsive and user-friendly system, resulting in lower training
costs for the school as well as higher productivity.

For over 24 years Escape has molded its technology and offerings to
provide school districts with the most proficient and easy to use
software available and, as Bob states, “truly better the world of
school business.”  Discussing his company’s future, Bob says “now that
we have developed a completely new School Business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, with a true Windows front end and Structured Query Language (SQL)
back end, our challenge is to continually advance the functionality
around the needs of our users. We plan to do this for years to come.” 

If you have questions about Escape Technology or are interested in its software and services, please comment here or contact Escape directly.