EqualLogic joins the Dell ShipsFast Systems Program

  Posted on behalf of Ryan Steed, Storage Excellence Center—EqualLogic Product Line Manager

When I was a kid, December was always a hard month for me—I just couldn’t stand that annoying 3-week wait to open presents. I wanted those toys now! I can’t help but think some EqualLogic customers may feel the same way about our next-generation iSCSI arrays that launched in August 2011. The speed of business is increasing and IT Department timelines are constantly shrinking, with real results needed sooner and sooner. Sometimes a week is just too long to wait for mission-critical business infrastructure. Dell’s EqualLogic team recognized this need and wanted to find a way to get next-generation iSCSI arrays into your hands more quickly—so they joined forces with the Dell ShipsFast Systems Program.

While ShipsFast is common with client and server equipment, this is the first time in Dell’s history a storage array can be had so quickly and easily. The EqualLogic and ShipsFast teams created a solution combining the EqualLogic user experience customers are familiar with, and the white-glove treatment and logistics of the ShipsFast program, at no additional cost.

Dell Business customers have come to rely on the ShipsFast program for their desktop and notebook needs; now they can rely on ShipsFast for the most popular EqualLogic configurations as well. Whether there’s a sudden need to expand storage capacity, a deadline rapidly approaching, or you just can’t wait…the new ShipsFast program for EqualLogic arrays will get it to you. ShipsFast puts Dell’s five most popular PS6100 and PS4100 Series arrays at your doorstep in 1 to 3 business days, at no extra cost. This is great news in light of the global hard drive shortages. Those five options include the PS4100 with NL SAS capacities of 12TB and 24TB, and the PS6100 with a 15K SAS capacity of 7.2TB as well as NL SAS capacities of 24TB and 48TB.

With Dell EqualLogic and the ShipsFast program, expect a new level of performance and efficiency. Everything you know and love about EqualLogic…just faster! Our ShipsFast program for EqualLogic offers you the following benefits:

  • Ships out within 24 to 48 hours
  • Arrives in 1 to 3 business days
  • Offers the five most popular configurations
  • Provides pre-configured solutions
  • Gives you a great customer experience

To learn more about the ShipsFast program, contact your sales representative. Stay up to date on the newest happenings in Dell Storage. Join us in the Dell Storage community via Facebook and the EqualLogic community via Twitter.

About the Author: Sarah Cook