EqualLogic Dedupe? Check out the Exagrid iSCSI Gateway

Alex McDonald at Netapp made a few snarky comments today about Dell's acquisition of EqualLogic.  As if Netapp should be casting stones about anybody else's acquisitions.  Anybody remember Spinnaker?  Dell has made very rapid progress with EqualLogic and now Netapp is desperate to find ways to compete. 

But I should really thank Alex for reminding me to post about our partnership with Exagrid for de-duplication functionality.  Exagrid has excellent technology and they are fast gaining recognition and traction with their products – including their ExaGrid iSCSI De-duplication Gateway™.  

FWIW, Alex linked to this post of mine on Storage@work from last March , to support his assertion we would never have a de-dupe solution. Hmmm….  maybe he was speed reading beyond his limits.  Whatever – I guess he missed the context where our partner Exagrid was preparing to announce their dedupe appliance for iSCSI.

About the Author: Marc Farley