EqualLogic brings enhanced reliability and availability for Linux users with the new HIT/Linux v1.1

 Posted on behalf of Shanky Chandra, Product Manager for EqualLogic

In the last week of February, we launched the newest generation of Dell™ EqualLogic™ iSCSI SAN 10GbE arrays as well as pre-announced Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for Linux™ (HIT/Linux) v1.1.
General Availability (GA) release of HIT/Linux v1.1 is now available to all EqualLogic customers via the EqualLogic Support website.

EqualLogic Host Integration Tools have always offered advanced platform and application-aware data protection for Microsoft® and VMware® platforms. These tools provide comprehensive data protection that is tuned to your applications and environment for efficiency and reliability. HIT/Linux v1.1 brings this advanced platform-aware data protection to Linux users.

HIT/Linux v1.1 provides enhanced reliability and availability with a new Auto-Snapshot Manager/Linux Edition (ASM/LE). You can now create, manage and restore file system-consistent smartcopies (snapshots, replicas and clones) of Linux file systems, directories and files. ASM/LE uses the SAN-based snapshotting, cloning and replication in the backend, and thereby offers high-performance smartcopies. Not only is the time required to copy minimized, data recovery is also fast and efficient. ASM/LE also offers you the flexibility to create smartcopies on-demand or auto-schedule. You can create and manage smartcopy schedules ensuring that the right data is backed up at the right time with less administrative overhead.

With HIT/Linux v1.1, you benefit from an enhanced installation procedure. The install procedure automatically invokes EQLTune (EqualLogic Host Performance and Configuration Tuning Suite) and runs through
the configuration process for Multipath I/O (MPIO) and ASM/LE, helping you with simple, quick and optimal end-to-end Linux configuration for your EqualLogic SAN.

HIT/Linux v1.1 also introduces expanded Linux distribution support for broader user choice. EqualLogic users on CentOS, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and SUSE™ Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) will now benefit from all HIT/Linux features including ASM, MPIO, Remote Setup Wizard (RSW), EQLTune.

EqualLogic users with an active support contract can download HIT/Linux v1.1 from the EqualLogic Support website at no additional cost. If you have not registered on the EqualLogic Support website, go to the Support site registration page to create an account.

Visit the EqualLogic Software page for more information about HIT/Linux v1.1, as well as other Host Integration Tools, SAN Headquarters, and EqualLogic array software.

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